Dr. JJ’s Clothing Guidelines and Car Seats

Read about important safety guidelines for clothing and car seats during the cold season!

Studies at the University of Michigan proved that children, adolescents and adults are at risk.

University of Michigan Passenger Safety studies can be found at

Puffy clothing can create enough slack to risk the child slipping out of the seat in a collision.

Children under 12 should ride in the back seat using a 5-point harness until 50-80 lbs.

Straps should emerge AT or ABOVE the child’s shoulders; chest clip LEVEL with armpits.

Harness straps should have no gaps; pinch at the shoulders to check for slack.

The more layers between a child and the harness the harder it is to fit the restraint to the child.

For smaller babies and tots, several car seat companies sell zip up “boots” designed especially for this purpose.

For Infants, bringing a heavier swaddle blanket to the car, securing your baby in the seat, and then tucking in the swaddle once in the seat, along with a warm beanie, can keep baby nice and toasty.

Or use a thin fleece one-piece outfit like Carter’s or Columbia fleece – make sure the fit is good so there isn’t excessive bulk.

For older kids, open the coat, apply the seatbelt, then zip the coat up – so there is close contact of the belt with his chest and shoulder.

Remove bulky coats before buckling in the child; drape coats or blankets around for warmth.

Swaddle infants in heavier blankets tucking in the blanket after buckling; add a warm beanie.

For older children remove coat, buckle in then put the coat on backwards tucking it in.

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