Shirley Bovshow teaches the basics about growing wheat grass indoors!


  • Seeds (can be vegetable or herb) or wheat-grass seed if you like to juice
  • Shallow planting tray with sterile seed starting mix
  • Water spray
  • Plastic tray covers or towels to keep light out
  • Optional heating mat and grow lights


  1. Fill planting tray with "seed starting mix," tamp soil down with hand and spray soil with water
  1. Sprinkle seeds into tray and spray with water again
  1. Cover tray with plastic cover and towels to create dark environment for seeds to germinate
  1. Place tray on a heating mat or warm appliance to warm soil to 75 degrees
  1. Check soil 2x per day and water if needed, cover to keep dark until germination- approx 1- 2 days
  1. You should harvest after the first set of leaves, or "cotyledons" open, or wait until second set of leaves open. Wheat grass will be tall and green
  1. Use scissors to cut 1"-inch above soil line. Hold greens with one hand, cut with other
  1. Cut in the morning or evening when plant is less stressed
  1. Rinse before eating or juicing
Growing Micro-Greens Indoors- Home & Family

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