George Hamilton Interview
The star of E’s reality series, “Stewarts & Hamiltons,” George Hamilton stops by Home & Family for a visit. He opens up about old Hollywood and how he used to tan alongside screen idol Cary Grant! George also recalls the time he took Marilyn Monroe on a date. Aside from his reality series, George still continues to act, most recently playing a man with early Alzheimer’s Disease in the indie film, “Silver Skies.”
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Fat Sal's Sandwich - Home & Family

The Fat Jerry Sandwich
The co-owner and chef from Fat Sal’s Deli, Josh Stone visits the Home & Family kitchen to show Cristina how to make his New Jersey-inspired sandwich, “The Fat Jerry,” named after Josh’s friend and co-owner, actor Jerry Ferrara.

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Keep Your Tan Year-Round
Debbie Matenopoulos shows you how to keep your tan going all summer long. She enlists in the help of tanning expert George Hamilton. Before self-tanning, Debbie says you want to exfoliate your skin, shave your legs and close your pores with ice. Remember to position your body correctly to avoid tan marks.

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Dom the Bom’s Triple Threat
Dominic, Phoenix and Lyric Evans are the nine-year-old card-throwing triplets who were featured on the competitive series, “America’s Got Talent.” They demonstrate their talent for the audience and even bring George Hamilton into the act! They also show Mark and Cristina how to do some basic card tricks.
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Summertime Salad with Cabbage - Home & Family

Dawn Wells is in the Kitchen
The legendary television actress Dawn Wells from “Gilligan’s Island,” is in the kitchen with Cristina preparing a delicious Summer Salad with Cabbage. Before getting started, the actress shares some of her favorite memories from the television series, including the one time she encountered a lion that was on set!

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Do It Yourself Trendy Sandals - Home & Family

DIY Trendy Sandals
Orly Shani shows you how to customize your own pair of sandals to stay trendy while on a budget!  At a high-end retail store, these sandals can cost you up to $150 but when you do it yourself, it will cost you only $15!

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Do It Yourself Chalkboard Building Blocks - Home & Family

DIY Chalkboard Building Blocks
Tanya Memme is in the craft room showing you how to save money by making your own chalkboard building blocks. She also points out that you can save money asking for scrap pieces of wood at your local hardware store. The entire DIY will cost you as little as ten dollars!

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Amazing Pet Products
Laura Nativo is here to show you all the latest products that will have pet owners happy! Now it is even easier to stay connected to your pets while you are away.

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Do It Yourself Men's Skincare - Home & Family

DIY Men Skincare
Sophie Uliano is back and this time she has a DIY for the men. She uses George Hamilton has her model to test out her products on. The best part about Sophie’s DIY is that it will cost you a dollar a piece. Essential oils are the key!

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