Ken Wingard shares the FABOO method to keep our coffee tables looking good all season long.

F.A.B.O.O - F: Foundation A: Ambience B: Books O: Outdoors O: Oddity

We live at our coffee table these days, so the trends for 2021 are going to be a little looser when it comes to decorating our rooms with FABOO!

Bright Colors


Color is in right now. It’s warm and it’s fun, and it's easy to see why we want to decorate with it this year. Yellow and grey are this year’s big colors from pantone; they complement each other very well. Do something as simple as a bowl of lemons on the table. Instead of big coffee table books, use books that you’re actually reading and even throw in a game that you and your family like playing.

Global Influences


None of us have been able to travel for a while, so global-inspired decor is really big this year. Bring out your old travel souvenirs and try decorating with those! You can even mix and match decor from different regions.

Rustic Table


This is not like the farmhouse decor that we’ve seen in the past. This focuses way more on natural items. We’re looking for something soft and warm here, with a lot of tactile pieces. Terra cotta, cement, raw woods. I also like adding some items that remind me of the beach and the outdoors.