Friday, September 27th, 2019

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Lemon Meringue Bars with Raspberry Jam - Home & Family

Lemon Meringue Bars
Chef and Author of “101 Epic Dishes” Ali Tila is sharing a recipe for luscious lemon meringue bars with raspberry jam! Cameron confides that lemon meringue pie was a favorite when he was a kid, and he is excited to see a variation on this dish. The base for these bars is a thin sponge cake made with both almond flour and cake flour. One tip is to use a little cooking spray underneath your parchment to keep it in place! Other ingredients include raspberry jam, lemon curd and Italian meringue.

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Cheryl Burke and Ray Lewis
Dance professional Cheryl Burke and NFL Hall of Famer Ray Lewis join Debbie and Cameron to talk about being competitors on the ABC hit show “Dancing with the Stars.” The pair are tearing up the ballroom floor on the show! Cheryl compliments Ray on his work ethic, and Ray shares that memorizing the dance steps is similar to memorizing plays in football.
Cheryl is very passionate about teaching and demands a lot from Ray. The two share a dance scene from the show and then demonstrate a few moves for Cameron and Debbie! Tune in for “Dancing with the Stars” on ABC.

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DIY Apple Candle Holders - Home & Family

DIY Apple Candle Holders
Maria Provenzano has a fun way to incorporate fresh apples into your fall décor! When choosing your apples be sure to pick sturdy, not wobbly ones. Note that red and green apples will keep longer at room temperature, this DIY can last for up to a week if stored in the refrigerator when not in use. To keep the apple flesh from turning brown, rub a cut lemon onto it. Finally, use museum wax to help secure your apple to the candle stick base.

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The One and Only Wolfgang - Home & Family

The One and Only Wolfgang
Author Steve Greig, a huge animal advocate for senior dogs joins Debbie and Cameron to talk about his new children’s book. He talks about his dog, Wolfgang who was tragically killed by a car. In order to help him heal, Steve went to the local pet shelter and adopted the oldest dog available in honor of Wolfgang’s life. In the book, Steve showcases his beautiful pet family comprised of dogs, a bunny, a turkey and even a miniature pot-bellied pig. They are all senior animals! Steve and Larissa encourage viewers to consider adopting or fostering a senior animal. They talk about what a joyful experience it can be, and how it can increase a sense of empathy for all beings.

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DIY Custom Coffee Mugs
DIY Expert and coffee lover Lynn Lilly stops by! One design includes geometric shapes made from permanent vinyl adhesive which will endure the dishwasher. Another look incorporates spray adhesive and glitter. You can use decoupage on this design as well to make sure it is dishwasher safe, and Debbie draws on sleepy eyelashes with a paint pen! For the final design Lynn uses gold leafing.

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Mom’s Famous Skirt Steak - Home & Family

Mom’s Famous Skirt Steak
Radio and Podcast host Wells Adams is in the kitchen with Debbie today preparing a sizzling skirt steak! This very simple dish is high in protein. The marinade includes soy sauce, red wine, a little syrup, ginger and garlic. The steak should marinade anywhere from 2-24 hours, and Flank or Skirt steak work best for this recipe.

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Spirit Week Hair Fun - Home & Family

Spirit Week Hair Fun
Beauty expert Ami Desai is sharing some fun and easy styles that are great for Spirit Week events!

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Erica Campbell
Grammy winning music artist Erica Campbell stops by the show to talk about her new book “More Than Pretty.” She felt compelled to write this book for herself to overcome misconceptions, and to share with others that they can overcome negativity from the past. Erica has 3 kids, and shares an especially close relationship with her daughter. She also talks about the strong bond she shares with her husband Warren and making the time to connect on a meaningful level. “More Than Pretty” is available in bookstores now.

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DIY Yule Goats
Today DIY Expert Ken Wingard delves into an ancient Nordic tradition with this yuletide decoration. This DIY was inspired by “Christmas in Homestead” which airs tonight on Hallmark Channel. The basic materials include just a few elements which are wheat, ribbon, butcher twine and scissors. One tip is to soak your dried wheat for up to 5 hours to make it more flexible.

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Adoption Ever After - Andy - Home & Family

Adoption Ever After
Larissa introduces a very special little dog today, Andy, who is a senior dog, 8 years old and has one eye. He is bonded very closely with his best friend Tucker, a ginger cat. Ideally they can be adopted together! He would do best in a home with adults or a family with older children. Find out more about Andy and Tucker:

Next meet Ellie Belly in Middletown, Rhode Island! She is a Coon Hound, about 5 years old and she loves to go for walks. She would do great with an active family but she loves her downtime too. She loves her treats and is very gentle. Please visit to get more information about this beautiful girl.