Maria Provenzano has a fun way to incorporate fresh apples into your fall décor!


  • Melon baller
  • Apple corer
  • Candles (tea light and tapered)
  • Candle sticks (various heights)
  • Lemon juice
  • Museum wax
  • Dark Colored Marker
  • Optional:
  • Greenery such as eucalyptus etc.
  • Cinnamon
  • Star of Anise
DIY Apple Candle Holders - Home & Family


1. First remove the apple stem.

2. Take your marker and trace the circumference of the bottom of your candle on top of your apple in the center.

3. To create the holder for your tea lights, use the melon baller, scoop out the depth of your candle. For tapered candle sticks, use the apple corer.

4. Apply lemon juice to the inside of the apple to prevent browning.

5. Drop your candle in.
*Light a separate tapered candle and drip wax around the edge of your candle where it meets the apple to fill any gaps and create a drip effect on the apple if desired. *

6. Use museum wax to adhere the apple to the candle stick.

7. Arrange your candle holders as desired.

8. Dress around the apple with greenery, cinnamon sticks, star of anise, etc. to your heart’s content.

9. Light the candles and enjoy!

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