Beauty expert Ami Desai is sharing some fun and easy styles that are great for Spirit Week events!
Spirit Week Hair Fun - Home & Family


1- pull hair back to create a ponytail at center of head.
optional - curl hair for more dimension & spray with texture spray to add staying power.

2- section of ponytail into 2 bubbles and secure with elastic.

3- follow up with scrunchie in school colors.

4- gently pull out hair to create a full bubble effect.

1- part hair down the middle and section off 2 ponytails starting at the crown of your head, one on each side, leaving the bottom half of your hair down.
optional to curl remaining hair that is left out and add spray to better hold curls.

2- loosely braid each ponytail.

3- gently pull out the braid to create fullness and then add hair chalk with school colors.

4- twirl each braid into a bun and secure with bobby pins.

5- add color to tips of the hair that is left out to show even more school spirit.

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