Friday, September 13th, 2019

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Adoption Ever After - Charlie - Home & Family

Adoption Ever After - Charlie
Meet Charlie, a twelve year-old Cocker Spaniel. He has so much energy and play with his toys. Charlie is up to date with all his shots and veterinary care and ready for his forever home.

Find out more about Charlie at

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Merritt Patterson talks "Forever in My Heart" - Home & Family

Merritt Patterson
Actress Merritt Patterson stops by to talk about her new Hallmark Channel movie, “Forever in My Heart,” premiering Saturday, September 14th at 9pm/8c. Merritt talks about filming on location in Ireland and having her mom visit her on set. She also talks about traveling as a child and her recent trip to Greece.

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Fried Pork Chops with Arugula Pecan Pesto - Home & Family

Fried Pork Chops with Arugula Pecan Pesto
Author of “The Farmhouse Chef” Jamie DeMent shares how to fry up the crispiest and juiciest flavorful porkchop. She places the arugula pecan pesto on the porkchop toward the end of cooking on the pan to warm and melt it a little.

Get the recipe for the Pork Chops & Pesto >>

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DIY Door Organizer - Home & Family

DIY Door Organizer
Ken Wingard shows you how you can keep your home neat and tidy with a DIY door organizer. You can purchase a door at the hardware store, architectural salvage places or online. Make sure it is a solid core door.

Get the instructions for the Door Organizer >>

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Tracy Edwards
The skipper: 1st female of the around-the-world race, “The Maiden” Tracy Edwards stops by to discuss the documentary on the voyage. She talks about how she got involved in putting an all-female crew together to sail “The Maiden” in 1989. The course started from UK to South America and was 33,000 miles, lasting 9 months. In recent years The Maiden was restored and is being used to help raise awareness and money to empower education for young girls.

Find out more about the “Maiden” at and

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Holy Yum Baked Chicken - Home & Family

Holy Yum Baked Chicken
Debbie uncovers the latest and greatest dish from the newest Hallmark Publishing mystery novel, “Out of the Picture: A Shepherd Sisters Mystery.” Debbie recommends using a cast iron or ceramic pan to be safe on stovetop. Whisk cornstarch into cold chicken stock to thicken pan sauce and make it that much more flavorful.

Get the recipe for the Baked Chicken >>

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Adoption Ever After - Beau
Meet Beau, a five year-old Boxer. He loves just about everybody, he’s well behaved and is good at path walks with other dogs. He would do best with a family with older children.

Find out more about Beau and other adoptable pets at

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DIY Paper Snowflakes
Inspired by the Hallmark Channel movie “A Gift to Remember,” Maria Provenzano gives you a DIY to remember with her nostalgic paper snowflakes. The best paper to use for this DIY is thin paper, poster board paper is too thick and not easy to cut. To get fold creases out, place cotton fabric over snowflake and iron. To add glitter use a glitter spray paint for a distance to prevent the paper from getting ripples.

Get the instructions for the Snowflakes >>

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Roman Style Eggplant Parmigiana - Home & Family

Roman Style Eggplant Parmigiana
Chef and owner of the Monteverde Chicago restaurant, Sarah Grueneberg shows how to make her amazing roman style eggplant parmigiana. A eggplant cooking tip Sarah learned was to salt the eggplant overnight for a foolproof way to make it. She dips the eggplant in a mix of half flour and half breadcrumbs. She fries the eggplant for about 8-10 minutes total, 4-5 minutes on each side.

Get the recipe for the Eggplant Parmigiana >>

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Nora Dunn
Actress and comedian Nora Dunn stops by. She discusses her latest role in the film “Boy Genius.” She talks about her iconic character on SNL characters Pat Stevens and Liz Sweeney. And, working with Mary Tyler Moore, William Shatner, and Robert Mitchum. "Boy Genius" is now in theaters and On Demand.

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Purseless Fashion
Lawrence Zarian shows you how easy it is to skip the purse and still carry everything you need in style. Lawrence recommends an athletic jacket with oversized pockets for essential storage. The jacket is made from recycled poly from recycled plastic bottles. Wearing Eco-Friendly clothing is an environmentally friendly option. Take one utility item and add it to your everyday attire that can easily take you from the gym, to picking up the kids, to running errands.

• Madewell Dired Florial Print Bandana ADEWELL
• Madewell Egyptian Gold Tassel Earrings
• English Saddle Pull On Boots

• Lucky Brand Printed Peasant Top
• Lucky Brand Navy Cozy Cable Cardigan
• Lucky Brand Toffee Flat Suede Mary Janes

• Lucky Brand Jade Jumpsuit with Front-zip & Oversized Pocks for Comfort and Ease
• Madewell Long-Sleeve Striped Vintage Tee

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Weekly Adoption
Larissa goes over this week’s featured Adoption Ever After rescues. She also reminds you to be part of Hallmark Channel’s Adoption Ever After Fund by donating to find shelter pets a forever home.







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