Brighten up your house with a Door Organizer.
DIY Door Organizer


  • Solid core door
  • 1" x 12" x 8 wooden plank
  • 2" x 2" x 4" wooden plank
  • Wood lath
  • Coat hooks
  • Two shelf brackets
  • Two 14 " table legs
  • Nail gun and brad nails
  • Table leg attachment plates
  • Paint


  • Wood Glue


  1. Cut the 1”x 12”x 8’ in half so that they are the same width as the door.
  2. Attach plates and legs to one of those pieces, what will become the front of your bench.
  3. Set bench at bottom of door and mark the height of the bench with a pencil from underneath.
  4. Cut 2x2 to width of door.
  5. Attach 2x2 to door at pencil line using wood screws.
  6. Screw bench into the top of the 2x2, making sure to avoid your other screws, to attach bench to door.
  7. Attach brackets to top of door at desired height using wood screws from behind.
  8. Place shelf (other half of 1”x12”x8’) on top and screw in from the top.
  9. Cut your lath to fit the front and sides of your bench.
  10. Use your nail gun to attach the lath around the edge of your bench.
  11. Paint.
  12. Attach hooks as desired and organize!
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