Friday, May 17th, 2019

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Kellie Martin Interview - Home & Family

Kellie Martin

Actress Kellie Martin stops by Home & Family to talk about the premiere of her Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Movie, “Hailey Dean Mysteries: Killer Sentence,” which you can watch Sunday, May 19th at 9/8c. She brings a clip from the movie for the audience to enjoy! She also share her own marriage proposal story with Debbie and Cameron.

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Elevate Your Steak - Home & Family

Elevate Your Steak Dinner

Chef Curtis Stone is in the kitchen showing you how to bring your ribeye steak to life with homemade mustard steak sauce. He loves working with a ribeye steak because it is so moist and rich. Before grilling, you have to temper it at room temperature for at least 45 minutes. Don’t forget to be generous with the salt and pepper when seasoning the meat. When done cooking, he pairs the steak with a shaved vegetable and grilled avocado salad with buttermilk dressing.

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Ask Shirley

Shirley Bovshow is taking your viewer questions about gardening. From rose care to covering bare spots in your garden, she has you covered!

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Insights into Insurance - Home & Family

Lowering Health Insurance Costs

Senior Vice President of Physicians Mutual, Bob Gunia, sits down with Cameron and Debbie to talk about how you can lower health insurance costs. He shares an alarming fact that the United States spends $3.6 trillion dollars annually on health care costs. He explains that 70% of high health care costs can be attributed to lifestyle choices, like obesity and smoking. If you strive to practice a healthy lifestyle, you are doing your part in lowering your health care costs. He also breaks down the difference between co-pays and deductibles and the importance of finding a balance between those and low-paying premiums.

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Cherry Cobbler - Home & Family

Cherry Cobbler

Celebrity chef Nancy Fuller is in the kitchen making a delicious seasonal dessert, cherry cobbler. Before getting started, she shows you a quick and easy way to pit your cherries before using them. Just be careful to not stain your clothes with the cherry juice. When it comes to the ingredients for the cobbler, she says less is more and the fresher, the better. This recipe is so simple that even Cameron can bake it! When done, she tops the cobbler with ice cream and serves.

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Chris McNally Talks When Calls the Heart - Home & Family

Chris McNally

Actor Chris McNally visits Home & Family to talk about his character on Hallmark Channel’s Original Series, “When Calls the Heart.” He jokes that even though his character Lucas Bouchard is a good gambler, the actor, in real life, is not. He also brings a clip from Sunday’s all-new episode, that you can watch at 9/8c on Hallmark Channel.

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DIY Luggage Tags

Ken Wingard is in the Christmas Corner today showing you how to make festive DIY luggage tags. This DIY was inspired by Hallmark Channel’s Original Movie, “A Very Merry Mix-Up,” which you can watch tonight at 8/7c on Hallmark Channel. He explains that his family is always filling out last-minute luggage tags at the airport, so he can’t wait to use these during their next vacation. He makes these luggage tags from scratch using leather (or faux leather, if you desire).

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Julia Cook

Former educator and author Julia Cook sits down with Home & Family to talk about her latest book, “My Way or the Highway,” which teaches kids to become flexible leaders. She also hopes her books will teach kids about practicing real world life skills while they relate to her characters. She also discusses what it was like recently winning the Mom’s & Teacher’s Choice Award for her book, “A Flicker of Hope.”

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Orange Soy Braised Short Ribs

Celebrity chef and recording artist Roger Mooking is in the kitchen making mouth-watering orange soy braised short ribs. When it comes to the glaze for his short ribs, he uses honey instead of white sugar, to give the sauce a more robust and rich flavor. He also brings a clip from the season premiere of his Cooking Channel series, “Man Fire Food,” which you can catch May 22nd at 9/8c.

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Adoption Ever After

Larissa Wohl is recapping all the dogs and cats featured this week on “Adoption Ever After.”

LOCATION: Charlotte, NC
RESCUE: Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Care & Control

RESCUE: Blackjack Animal Rescue