Ken Wingard is showing you how to make your luggage stand out with this DIY.


  • Faux leather hide
  • Iron embossing foil
  • Iron
  • X-acto knife
  • E6000
  • Scissors
  • Leather punch
  • Card stock
  • Clear acetate sheet
  • Faux leather shoe lace or cording


1. Cut out two luggage tag shapes
2. Cut out window on one of luggage tags
3. Glue three sides of window tag to non-window tag leaving the pointed end open
4. Use leather punch to punch hole through both tags
5. Cut desired shape from foil using scissors or X-acto knife
6. Iron on design to tag
7. Cut out information card from cardstock and write in contact information
8. Cut acetate sheet to fit in luggage tag
9. Slip information card and acetate sheet inside luggage tag
10. Loop leather lace or cording through hole and tie in knot
11. Attach to luggage and enjoy!

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