Friday, June 15th, 2018

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Becca Tobin Stops By - Home & Family

Becca Tobin

Actress Becca Tobin visits Home & Family to talk about her upcoming Hallmark Channel Original Movie, “Love at First Dance,” which premieres Saturday, June 16th at 9/8c. She brings a clip of movie for the audience to enjoy.

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Beet Milanesa Torta - Home & Family

Beet Milanesa Torta

Chef Ray Garcia of Broken Spanish restaurant is in the kitchen making a beet milanesa torta using homemade escabeche. When making the escabeche, make extra and store in your refrigerator. He also makes cilantro lime spice to add to the torta and you can buy your own from Ray’s line at William-Sonoma.

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DIY T-Shirt Tent

Paige Hemmis teams up with Larissa Wohl to make a tent for your pets using a t-shirt, wire hangers and a cardboard box. Before getting started, make sure you find a box that will be a good size to fit your cat. Remember, that whatever you place in the tent, the cat will be curious and play with, so tape down the ends of the wires with duct tape. Hot glue is the perfect way to seal the tent because it is odorless and non-toxic.

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How to Regrow Vegetables - Home & Family

How to Regrow Vegetables

Shirley Bovshow is giving you some insider tips on how to regrow vegetables. She explains that growth hormones are stimulated when you cut vegetables like lettuce, celery, onions and carrots. Transfer your vegetables to your soil after 2-3 weeks.

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Nigel Lythgoe

Co-creator and Executive Producer of Nigel Lythgoe sits down with Debbie and guest host Lawrence Zarian to talk about Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance,” which airs on Mondays. He also discusses his own dance career in his younger days, which included performing seven routines a night.

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Monogrammed Wedding Cake - Home & Family

Initial Wedding Cake

Maria Provenzano is in the kitchen showing you how to add a personal touch to your wedding cake by placing your initials on it. She explains that a monogrammed wedding cake is also very on trend, right now. Before carving the initials into the cake, freeze it and use a sponge cake recipe. Remember, you will need make two sheet cakes per an initial. She uses the extra cake to make her own cake balls.

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DIY Honey Face Wash and Citrus Blossom Scrub

Wellness expert Lily Diamond is showing you how easy it is to make your own face wash and body scrub using rose petals, citrus zest, coconut oil and honey. She points out that you want to test the wash and scrub on your skin first before putting it on your face, especially if your skin is extra-sensitive.

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DIY Woven Wall Art - Home & Family

Jasmine Roth

HGTV’s Jasmine Roth is taking rope mop heads and making her own DIY woven wall art. You can knot the rope in any way you want and when you are done, add embellishments like feathers, vintage buttons and metallic accents. She explains that the entire project will cost you around $20.

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Banana Frozen Yogurt

Debbie is in the kitchen making a refreshing dessert of banana frozen yogurt with homemade chocolate dipping sauce that turns into a shell. Remember that green bananas are not as sweet as ripe, yellow bananas. She also adds some fresh berries to the frozen yogurt for more flavor.

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