Friday, July 19 2019

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Cranberry Brown Sugar Buckle - Home & Family

Cranberry Brown Sugar Buckle
Jessie Sheehan, author of “The Vintage Baker” is in the kitchen making a luscious dessert featuring fresh cranberries! To prevent the fruit from sinking into the batter, use cooking spray and flour on the cranberries and then freeze. Also for best results remember to refrigerate the batter for 30-60 minutes before baking. Ali, Kym and Shirley all agree this buckle has delicious flavor with the tartness of the cranberries!

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Three Easy Ways to Reverse Hair Loss
Today Kym has some simple ways to help reverse summer hair loss! Kym explains that summer’s high temperatures lead to shedding due to hair follicles going into “resting phase.” Remedies include washing hair with sandalwood scented shampoo which boosts hair growth hormones in the scalp. You can also add a few drops of sandalwood essential oil to your own shampoo. Next, a stimulant in white tea (available in grocery stores) re-energizes follicles and sparks new growth. Finally, increasing your intake of omega fatty acids results in thicker and fuller hair. An easy way to incorporate more omega fatty acids into your diet is to drizzle either walnut oil or avocado oil onto your summer salads!

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DIY Giant Christmas Stars
Maria Provenzano shares two styles for a DIY that is perfect for either indoor or outdoor use during the holidays! Maria demonstrates the steps, laying out popsicle sticks in a star fashion as the base for the project. Note that if you are using fake greenery, attach with glue but for real/live greenery use wire. Another tip is to wrap dowels in Christmas lights to help hide the zip ties.

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Animal Conservation
Matt Wright, host of the Nat Geo Wild show “Monster Croc Wrangler” joins Debbie and Ali to talk about animal conservation. His passion for wild animals started at a young age when he would bring home injured animals that he found, including poisonous snakes! Matt shares that season 4 of the show is the most exciting one yet, and shares a clip from one of the episodes where they relocate a 14 foot crocodile from a swimming hole. Matt advises traveling families to have knowledge of what wildlife may be in the area, and to not leave food and rubbish around which can attract animals.

Tune in for the Season 4 premiere of “Monster Croc Wrangler” on August 5th at 9pm/8c on Nat Geo Wild.

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Peppermint Marshmallows - Home & Family

Peppermint Marshmallows
Today, owner of New York store “Squish Marshmallows” Katherine Sprung is in the kitchen preparing a sweet and fluffy treat, Peppermint Marshmallows! Be sure to add the boiling liquid very slowly to the mixing bowl to avoid any spills. Have fun with this recipe, though things may get a little messy the final product is delicious.

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Protea Christmas Angels - Home & Family

Protea Christmas Angels
Today Shirley Bovshow is showing off an angelic DIY. The protea is a popular and beautiful flower in tropical countries, and is known as a sign of love and good luck. You can find this unique flower at your local florist! For this DIY it is important to dry the flowers entirely before you begin. Other items include vellum, spray adhesive and paint. The end result is a delicate and detailed decoration perfect for the Christmas holiday season.

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Jingle Bell Fruit Cake Cookies and Apple Dumplings
Debbie is in the kitchen today sharing two festive recipes from the Hallmark Publishing books, “Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa” and “A Down Home Christmas.”
The apple dumpling is beautiful, simple to make and would be a wonderful dessert addition to a holiday table. The Jingle Bell Fruit Cake Cookies feature dried candied fruit and holiday spices like nutmeg and cinnamon.

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Find out more about the Hallmark Publishing novels, “Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa” and “A Down Home Christmas.”

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DIY Holiday Gift Wrap Station - Home & Family

Holiday Gift Wrap Station
DIY Expert Luke Barr is visiting Home & Family during Christmas in July to show off a DIY for gift wrapping! Luke has a talent for up cycling and today he shows off a clever second life for an instrument case by turning it into a gift wrap station that is portable. When creating, be sure to use hot glue to attach the storage pocket.

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The Christmas Song
Grammy Winning Recording Artist Shawn Stockman performs Nat King Cole’s heartfelt song, “The Christmas Song.” Shawn recently recorded his own version of the BTS song “Serendipity” and it went viral! He also talks about the rich creative experience he had in high school when learning to sing in foreign languages alongside his “Boyz to Men” band mates.

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Adoption Ever After
Meet Poochie the Chihuahua! This sweet 12 year old dog is currently in Rhode Island. Recently her owner needed to move to an assisted living facility and could not bring Poochie along. Consider adopting this wonderful, sweet tempered dog! Thunder the Cat is just 13 weeks old and is currently in Portland, Maine at the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland. He would do really well in a wide variety of homes, including ones with children and other pets. In the adoption round up for the week, Larissa is thrilled to share that Home & Family has helped 924 animals find their forever homes!

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