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Giant Christmas Stars

Giant Christmas Stars

Maria Provenzano has the perfect way to jazz up the holidays with giant Christmas stars.
Materials for the Popsicle Stick Star
  • Large popsicle sticks
  • Hot glue or wood glue
  • Greenery (real or fake will work)
  • Christmas lights/wired twinkle lights
Materials for the Dowel Star
  • Dowels
  • Zip ties
  • Real or fake Greenery; optional
  • Christmas lights/twinkle lights


1. Make a cross with two of the sticks and attach them with glue at the center.

2. Add to more in an “x” to make the sticks to look like a star.

3. there will be 8 points at the end of the star, use two sticks to make a triangle shape to connect to two of the points with hot glue.

4. Cover with greenery, attaching it with hot glue.

5. Add Christmas lights/wires lights by wrapping it around the popsicle sticks

1. Create a star shape with the dowels.

2. At the areas with the dowels connect, secure them together with zip ties.

3. Wrap with greenery if desired.

4. Wrap with Christmas lights/wired lights.

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