Friday, December 7th, 2018

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Santa’s Milk and Cookies Cake - Home & Family

Santa’s Milk and Cookies Cake

Food blogger Courtney Rich is in the kitchen making the ultimate Christmas Eve cake that she calls Santa’s Milk and Cookies Cake with homemade boiled milk frosting. She explains that this frosting is not as sweet as a traditional buttercream frosting because you are using granulated sugar instead of powdered sugar. She layers the vanilla cake with sugar cookies. When done, put the cake in the freezer for ten minutes and serve!

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DIY Oversized Ornaments

Ken Wingard is getting into the holiday spirit by making his own oversized ornaments using plastic bowls, plastic margarita glasses, chrome spray paint and anodized automotive spray paint. When attaching the decorations together, use super-glue because hot glue will melt the plastic. He reminds you to make these long ornaments in a well-ventilated space because you are dealing with spray paint.

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Johnny Mathis Performs

Legendary singer Johnny Mathis visits Home & Family to sing the holiday classic “The Christmas Song.”

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Christmas Camellias

Shirley Bovshow is giving you professional tips on how to care for Christmas camellias. When working with these types of plants, use acidic soil to help the plant absorb nutrients. After she plants the camellias, she adds greenery around the plant to make it more decorative.

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Josh Henderson Visits - Home & Family

Josh Henderson Visits

Actor Josh Henderson stops by to talk about his new Hallmark Movie & Mysteries Movie, “Time for Me to Come Home for Christmas,” which premieres Sunday, December 9th at 9/8c. One of the movie’s executive producers is country superstar, Blake Shelton and the movie is based on the song which has the same title. The actor reveals what it was like getting vocal lessons from Blake during shooting of the film and brings a clip from his experience.

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Apricot and Blue Cheese Scones - Home & Family

Apricot and Blue Cheese Scones

Author of “Delightful Desserts,” Jane Soudah is making the perfect sweet and savory treat, apricot and blue cheese scones that was inspired by her love for cheese boards. She freezes the butter and then she shreds it like cheese, making the scone extra and evenly flaky. When making other types of scones with cheese, she advises you to avoid using ones that are too soft because they clump when baking. When done baking, she drizzles honey on top of the scones.

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Rob Scheer

Author of “A Forever Family: Fostering Change One Child at a Time,” Rob Scheer is talking to Cameron about being inspired to adopt children from foster care. He also discusses his own childhood growing up in the system. Today, Rob and his husband have adopted four children from foster care. He shares what he has learned from raising his children, including being patient and surrounding each child with love.

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DIY Christmas Drink Charms - Home & Family

DIY Holiday Drink Charms

Maria Provenzano is helping your wine glasses stand out this holiday party season with these festive drink charms. This DIY is a great way for your guests to keep track of their drinks at your party, but also would make a great hostess gift, as well.

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Fashion Gifts

Lawrence Zarian is giving you some creative and stylish ways to wrap presents this Christmas season.

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