Lawrence Zarian is giving you some great gift ideas for the fashionista in your life.


1. Take your mat & lay it open downside up
2. Place pieces of your workout outfit on the yoga mat
3. Start to roll up the mat tightly
4. Once completely rolled use a workout headband or tie a bow around the mat to keep it shut
5. Ta-da!


1. Take your buttoned up shirt & lay it completely flat
2. Put a belt through a sleeve, pull through the neck, and into the other sleeve
3. Take folded jeans & place on top of the shirt toward the neckline
4. Fold the bottom half of the shirt up & over the pants
5. Take the belt in the arms & cross the arms on the back
6. Then pull the belt to the front, buckle the belt & then stand it up
7. Ta-da!


1. Take the scarf & fold it in half
2. Take another scarf, fold it in half. Lay it on top of the other scarf but in a different direction
3. Take your poncho that’s in a bag & place it into the center
4. Pull up all sides of the scarf & tie up at the top with a headband or another scarf!
5. Ta-da!

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