Friday, August 9th, 2019

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Back to School Must Haves
Kym Douglas shows you her back to school finds that’ll keep the kids ready for school. The products she presents include a backpack with secure pockets to carry your laptop and a usb port for charging your phone or tablet, a shower curtain with pockets to hold your phone, glasses, etc., and little notes you can leave for the kids in their lunchboxes.

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Adoption Ever After - Puppies
Meet great dane Della and her twelve pups. All the puppies are 7 weeks old and are ready to find their forever home. Della will also be available for adoption after she is spayed.

Find out more about Della and her puppies at

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Roselyn Sanchez and Eric Winter stop by - Home & Family

Roselyn Sanchez and Eric Winter
Actors Roselyn Sanchez and Eric Winter stop by to talk about their all-new Hallmark Channel original movie, “A Taste of Summer,” premiering Saturday, August 10, at 9pm/8c. They discuss how they decided to act together in a movie after being married for 11 years and what it was like on set during filming. They also talk about their home life with their two children and who is the cook at home.

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Summer Sicilian Summer Pasta - Home & Family

Summer Sicilian Summer Pasta
Actress and author Tembi Locke makes a delicious veggie packed summertime pasta inspired by the flavors of Sicily. The secret ingredient for this pasta is using a bouillon cube to pack in flavor. This recipe is simple and easy to make anytime of the week.

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DIY Constellation Rug
Inspired by this weekend's Good Witch episode, Orly Shani shows you how to create a stellar DIY constellation rug that’ll have you seeing stars. There are two things to consider when picking out the rug for this DIY. Choosing a dark blue or black rug is going to have better contrast. Second, selecting a low pile rug allows for cleaner looking lines when you paint on the rug.

Get the Instructions for the Rug >>

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Linsey Davis Celebrating Being Alike
Emmy award-winning news correspondent Linsey Davis celebrates her new children’s book that’s also for adults, “One Big Heart.” She discusses how she wrote this book after the success of her first children’s book. The focus of the book sheds light on how kids usually gravitate to what they have in common with each other, instead of what race or background they are. She also talks about what her father taught her about diversity and how she plans to instill those value in her son.

Find out more at

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Pixie Grapes - Home & Family

Pixie Grapes
Shirley shows you how to grow grapes that are tiny and packed with flavor. Shirley recommends 6-8 hours or more of sunshine a day, as this will help make them sweet and change color. She also recommends growing pixie grapes in containers with well-draining soil. You can find pixie grapes are your local garden center or you can order them online from various online nurseries.

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Adoption Ever After - Snowy & Toby - Home & Family

Adoption Ever After - Snowy & Toby
Meet Snowy & Toby, a 12 year old Longhaired Weimaraner and 2 year old Weimaraner, respectively. Toby loves people and treats and is looking for an active family who may possibly have a female dog companion. Snowy is a senior dog, he is hearing impaired and is learning sign language and getting used to being indoors. He loves people and getting belly rubs.

Find out more about Snowy & Toby and other adoptions at

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Ryan Paevey talks "A Summer Romance" - Home & Family

Ryan Paevey
Actor Ryan Paevey stops by to talk about his all-new Hallmark Channel movie “A Summer Romance,” airing Saturday, August 17th at 9pm/8c. He discusses how the movie brought out his inner cowboy. He also talks about how his love for Renaissance fairs grew from the days his parents took him as a kid.

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DIY Clay Pots
Ken Wingard shows you a thrifty way to give terra cotta pots a designer upgrade. The thinner the fabric, the easier it is to work with. And, the best fabric print to use are any patterns that feature non-geometrics and florals.

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Grilled Corn on the Cob with Seasoned Butters
Ali shows you how to make 3 delicious seasoned butters for a tastier corn on the cob. You can make these in small batches that will keep in the fridge for about a week.

Get the Recipe for the Butters >>

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Jacks and Shawl from Hallmark Channel’s Bubbly Sesh - Home & Family

Jacks and Shawl from Hallmark Channel’s Bubbly Sesh
Jacks and Shawl discuss their love of Hallmark movies and how they got their nicknames. They also talk about how Jacks got Shawl into the Hallmark mysteries movies, the duo also take a mystery movies title quiz!

You can find Hallmark Channel’s Bubble Sesh Podcast at or wherever podcasts are available.

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DIY Charcuterie Board Tray
Paige Hemmis shows you how to build a holiday themed DIY charcuterie serving tray. She doesn’t stain the wood because food will be going directly on the board. Use a food safe cutting board oil or wax sealer for the wood.

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