Countdown to Christmas 2020 Preview

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Jingle Bell Bride
Original Airdate: OCT 24, 2020
Starring Julie Gonzalo and Ronnie Rowe Jr.
Wedding planner Jessica Perez (Gonzalo) travels to a remote town in Alaska to find a rare flower for a celebrity client and is charmed by the small town during Christmas, as well as the handsome local (Rowe Jr.) helping her.

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Chateau Christmas
Original Airdate: OCT 25, 2020
Starring Merritt Patterson and Luke Macfarlane
Margot (Patterson), a world-renowned pianist, returns to Chateau Newhaus to spend the holidays with her family and is reunited with an ex (Macfarlane) who helps her rediscover her passion for music.

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One Royal Holiday
Original Airdate: OCT 31, 2020
Starring Laura Osnes, Aaron Tveit, Krystal Joy Brown, Victoria Clark and Tom McGowan
When Anna (Osnes) offers a stranded mother (Clark) and son (Tveit) shelter in a blizzard, she learns that they are the Royal Family of Galwick. Anna shows the Prince how they do Christmas in her hometown, encouraging him to open his heart and be true to himself.

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On the 12th Date of Christmas
Original Airdate: NOV 1, 2020
Starring Mallory Jansen and Tyler Hynes
Two seemingly incompatible game designers team up to create a romantic, city-wide scavenger hunt themed for the “12 Days of Christmas.”

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Never Kiss a Man in a Christmas Sweater
Original Airdate: NOV 7, 2020
Starring Ashley Williams and Niall Matter
Single mom Maggie (Williams) is facing Christmas alone until Lucas (Matter) crashes into her life and becomes an unexpected houseguest. Together they overcome Christmas while finding comfort in their growing bond.

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Christmas with the Darlings
Original Airdate: NOV 8, 2020
Starring: Katrina Law and Carlo Marks
Just before the holidays Jessica Lew (Law) is ending her tenure as the assistant to her wealthy boss to use her recently earned law degree within his company, but offers to help his charming, younger brother (Marks) as he looks after his orphaned nieces and nephew over Christmas.

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Christmas in Vienna
Original Airdate: NOV 14, 2020
Starring Sarah Drew and Brennan Elliott
Jess (Drew), a concert violinist whose heart just isn’t in it anymore, goes to Vienna for a performance. While there, she finds the inspiration she has been missing, and a new love.

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A Timeless Christmas
Original Airdate: NOV 15, 2020
Starring Ryan Paevey and Erin Cahill
Charles Whitley (Paevey) travels from 1903 to 2020 where he meets Megan Turner (Cahill), a tour guide at his historic mansion, and experiences a 21st Century Christmas.

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A Nashville Christmas Carol
Original Airdate: NOV 21, 2020
Starring Jessy Schram, Wes Brown, Wynonna Judd, Sara Evans, RaeLynn, Kix Brooks, Kimberly Williams-Paisley
Vivienne Wake (Schram), a workaholic television producer in charge of a country music Christmas special showcasing newcomer Alexis (Raelynn), never lets personal feelings get in the way of business. On the verge of accepting a job in LA, and with the return of Gavin Chase (Brown), her childhood sweetheart and manager to the special’s headliner, Belinda (Evans), she receives a visit from the ghost of her recently deceased mentor, Marilyn (Judd). Her mentor warns her current path leads to a dark future and has recruited both the Spirit of Christmas Past (Brooks) and the Spirit of Christmas Present (Williams-Paisley) to help her get back on track. The Spirits’ time-jumping adventures force Vivienne to take hold of her life.

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The Christmas House
Original Airdate: NOV 22, 2020
Starring Robert Buckley, Ana Ayora, Treat Williams, Sharon Lawrence, Jonathan Bennett and Brad Harder
Working through some difficult decisions, Mitchell family matriarch Phylis (Lawrence) and patriarch Bill (Williams), have summoned their two grown sons – TV star, Mike Mitchell (Buckley) and Brandon Mitchell (Bennett) – home for the holidays. It is their hope that bringing the family together to recreate the Christmas house, will help them find resolution and make a memorable holiday for the entire family and community. As Brandon and his husband Jake (Harder) make the trip home, they are anxiously awaiting a call about the adoption of their first child. Meanwhile, Mike reconnects with Andi (Ayora), his high school sweetheart.

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Heart of the Holidays
Original Airdate: NOV 23, 2020
Starring Vanessa Lengies and Corey Sevier
Career-driven Sam returns to her hometown for the holidays where she comes face-to-face with her high school boyfriend, Noah. Together they rediscover what matters most in life.

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A Christmas Tree Grows in Colorado
Original Airdate: NOV 24, 2020
Starring Rochelle Aytes and Mark Taylor
Erin (Aytes) is planning the town’s Christmas celebration and must win over firefighter Kevin (Taylor) in order to obtain the beautiful spruce tree from his property for the celebration.

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Good Morning Christmas!
Original Airdate: NOV 25, 2020
Starring Alison Sweeney and Marc Blucas
Two competing TV hosts (Sweeney and Blucas) are sent to a festive small town over Christmas. While pretending to get along for the sake of appearances, they discover that there’s more to each other than they thought.

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Christmas by Starlight
Original Airdate: NOV 26, 2020
Starring Kimberley Sustad and Paul Campbell
Annie (Sustad), a lawyer, must help her loved ones this holiday season. Her family’s restaurant, The Starlight Café, is slated for demolition. The heir to the development firm responsible, William (Campbell), makes her an unlikely proposition: he’ll spare the café if Annie spends the week “appearing” as the legal counsel his father is demanding he hire in the wake of some costly mistakes.

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Five Star Christmas
Original Airdate: NOV 27, 2020
Starring Bethany Joy Lenz and Victor Webster
After moving back to her hometown, Lisa (Lenz) plots with her siblings and grandparents to help her father’s new bed and breakfast get a five-star review from an incognito travel critic (Webster), but ends up falling for him, not knowing he is the real critic.

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Christmas Waltz
Original Airdate: NOV 28, 2020
Starring Lacey Chabert, Will Kemp and JT Church
After Avery’s (Chabert) storybook Christmas wedding is canceled unexpectedly, dance instructor Roman (Kemp) helps her rebuild her dreams.

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If I Only Had Christmas
Original Airdate: NOV 29, 2020
Starring Candace Cameron Bure and Warren Christie
Kansas City publicist Darcy ventures to the Emerald Educational Trust for the job of a lifetime, helping VP Glen Goodman and his team find the know how, courage, and heart to help a charity in need for Christmas. Darcy and Glen begin to realize they have everything in common. However, Glen's surprise revelation at the big Christmas gala just may put an end to their promising romance before it has really gotten started.

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Christmas in Evergreen: Bells are Ringing
Original Airdate: DEC 5, 2020
Starring Holly Robinson Peete, Rukiya Bernard, Antonio Cayonne, Barbara Niven, Colin Lawrence, and Ashley Williams
As Michelle’s (Peete) wedding approaches, Hannah (Bernard) steps up to help finish the launch of the new Evergreen museum while questioning her relationship and future with Elliot (Cayonne).

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Christmas She Wrote
Original Airdate: DEC 6, 2020
Starring Danica McKellar and Dylan Neal
When Kayleigh (McKellar), a romance writer, has her column cancelled right before Christmas, she heads home to reconnect with her family. Kayleigh gets an unexpected visit from the man (Neal) who cancelled her column who fights not only to bring her back to the publisher but also for her heart.

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Love, Lights, Hanukkah!
Original Airdate: DEC 12, 2020
Starring Mia Kirshner, Ben Savage and Marilu Henner
As Christina (Kirshner) prepares her restaurant for its busiest time of year, she gets back a DNA test revealing that she’s Jewish. The discovery leads her to a new family and an unlikely romance over eight nights.

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Christmas Comes Twice
Starring Tamera Mowry-Housley and Michael Xavier
Original Airdate: DEC 13, 2020
Cheryl Jenkins (Mowry-Housley) is an astrophysicist who works for the National Science Foundation reviewing grant applications for projects, although she’d prefer to be working on a project of her own. Cheryl heads home to spend the holidays with her family and first on the agenda is a visit to the annual Christmas carnival with her sister Trish (Zarrin Darnell-Martin, “Burden of Truth”). While there, Cheryl sees a carousel in the distance and ventures over to take a ride. But when the revolutions wind down and she returns to the carnival to find her sister, Cheryl discovers that — somehow — it’s five years earlier. Dissatisfied with where she is in life, Cheryl sees this as a chance to change her path by making different choices. As Cheryl navigates her way through her visit back in time, she’s able to connect with her beloved science teacher Ms. Nelson (Ralph), who was an inspiration to her both in and out of the classroom and had passed away several years previously. The time Cheryl spends with Ms. Nelson as well as with her “frenemy” George (Xavier) helps her find a new appreciation for what she’s doing in life and starts to see George in a new light. But when the carousel returns Cheryl to present-day Christmas with lessons learned, will the love she found be waiting for her?

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A Christmas Carousel
Original Airdate: DEC 19, 2020
Starring Rachel Boston and Neal Bledsoe
When Lila (Boston) is hired by the Royal Family of Marcadia to repair a carousel, she must work with the Prince (Bledsoe) to complete it by Christmas.

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Cross Country Christmas
Original Airdate: DEC 20, 2020
Starring Rachael Leigh Cook and Greyston Holt
Former classmates Lina (Cook) and Max (Holt) are traveling home for the holidays, until a storm hits and they have to work together to make it home in time, no matter the mode of transportation.