Christmas Movie Cameos From Hallmark Channel Stars

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You never know who might pop up in a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie!

Hallmark Channel stars have been busy dropping into some of your favorite Christmas movies, so you could catch Niall Matter DJing a silent disco, Chris McNally working as Santa's elf, or Will Kemp showing off his dancing skills!

How many have you spotted? Flip through to learn more, and don't forget to tune in to spot these cameos on Hallmark Channel during Christmas in July!

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Kristoffer Polaha and Eric Mabius in "Haul Out the Holly"

Airing on Hallmark Channel Sun July 14 12/11c and Tues July 30 3/2c

Two familiar Hallmark faces graced the screen with cameos in “Haul Out the Holly!"

"Signed, Sealed, Delivered" star Eric Mabius plays Allen, who makes it back to Evergreen Lane just in time for Christmas where he dramatically reunites with his wife, Pamela (Melissa Peterman).

Kristoffer Polaha plays Kevin, the spirited husband of Jessica, Emily’s best friend. They encourage their daughter to speak her mind, which she does by encouraging Jared to take Emily on a date!

You can stream "Haul Out the Holly" on Hallmark Movies Now!

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Rachel Boston and Wes Brown in “A Biltmore Christmas”

Airing on Hallmark Channel Weds July 24 7/6c

The stars align when Rachel Boston and Wes Brown appear in the final scene of the remake of “His Merry Wife!,” the movie that Lucy (Bethany Joy Lenz) is writing the remake of in "A Biltmore Christmas."

Watch until the end of the clip for a nod to a classic Hallmark holiday movie featuring this pair!

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Will Kemp in “A Merry Scottish Christmas”

Airing on Hallmark Channel on Weds July 17 9/8c and Sun July 28 12/11c

Will Kemp shows off his professional dancing moves performing a “Highland Fling” dance alongside Lacey Chabert in “A Merry Scottish Christmas!"

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Kimberley Sustad, Geoff Gustafson and Ali Liebert in "Three Wise Men and a Baby"

Airing on Hallmark Channel Sat July 27 4/3c

Three more familiar Hallmark favorites joined forces on-screen with cameos in “Three Wise Men and a Baby!" And this July, you can see them again in an extended cut of the movie premiering Saturday, July 6 at 8/7c!

Did any POstable fans spot Geoff Gustafson? Geoff plays David, Taylor's stickler of a boss, who fires him at the start over a creative difference in a video game at Funnen Games.

Hallmark Channel star Ali Liebert plays Fiona, Taylor’s ex-girlfriend and former colleague, who's shocked to see that Taylor has a baby when she runs into him after he was fired.

Finally, Kimberley Sustad plays an emergency room doctor that helps the Brenner brothers when Baby Thomas gets a rash and fever. Fun fact: Kimberley wrote this movie with star Paul Campbell!

You can now stream "Three Wise Men and a Baby: Extended Cut" on Hallmark Movies Now!

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Chris McNally in “Sealed With a List”

Airing on Hallmark Channel Sat July 20 10a/9c

A fierce competitor is in the running during the Christmas 5k in “Sealed With a List” alongside Katie Findlay as Carly! Chris McNally - contestant 1882 - is out for the win, and it will take one serious contender to knock him out of first place!

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Andrew Walker in "An Unexpected Christmas"


Airing on Hallmark Channel Weds July 24 9/8c

Blink and you'll miss this cameo from Andrew Walker in "An Unexpected Christmas!" Andrew enters the restaurant and asks for his table - under "Walker" - and nearly runs into Jamie, played by Tyler Hynes.

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Niall Matter in “The Santa Summit”


Airing on Hallmark Channel Sun July 14 10a/9c & Tues July 30 5/4c

You can catch Hallmark Channel star Niall Matter playing a very spirited "DJ Ginger Jeff" at a silent disco in the romantic Christmas comedy “The Santa Summit" starring Hunter King and Benjamin Hollingsworth!

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Jonathan Bennett in “A Heidelberg Holiday”

Airing on Hallmark Channel Sun July 28 10a/9c

In “A Heidelberg Holiday,” Hallmark star Jonathan Bennett can be spotted as an awe-inspired shopper at a German Christmas market searching for the perfect holiday gift. Fun fact: alongside Jonathan in the hat is his husband in real life, Jaymes Vaughan!

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Benjamin Ayres in “Our Christmas Mural”


Airing on Hallmark Channel on Mon July 15 11a/10c

In “Our Christmas Mural,Benjamin Ayres is front and center at the start of the movie when he delivers some less than ideal news to Olivia (Alex Paxton-Beesley) about her employment as a curator.

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Kimberley Sustad in “Magic in Mistletoe”


Airing on Hallmark Channel Weds July 24 5/4c

Don’t miss Kimberley Sustad playing wise barista Debbie in "Magic in Mistletoe!" She offers curmudgeonly author Harrington (Paul Campbell) some editing help with his social media postings. In real life, Kimberley and Paul have collaborated frequently and the two worked on writing the hit 2022 Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas movie, “Three Wise Men and a Baby!"

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Chris McNally in “Christmas Class Reunion”


When Calls the Heart star Chris McNally plays Santa’s very eager elf helper and photographer inChristmas Class Reunion!” Watch as he captures the moments when Elle and Devin ask Santa for a little Christmas magic help with their high school reunion!

You can stream "Christmas Class Reunion" on Hallmark Movies Now!

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Pascale Hutton in “We Wish You a Married Christmas”

Airing on Hallmark Channel on Mon July 15 9a/8c

When Calls the Heart star Pascale Hutton plays a marriage counselor who works to get to the bottom of Becca (Marisol Nichols) and Robby’s (Kristoffer Polaha) marital issues. She sends them to a special quaint town over Christmas called Gracious, Vermont in the hopes that they will reconnect and rediscover the magic of their relationship!

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Wes Brown in “My Southern Family Christmas”


In “My Southern Family Christmas,” Wes Brown plays Victor, boss of Jaicy Elliot's character, Campbell, at the magazine they work for. He wants a feature with culture and heart that they haven’t seen before, and pushes Campbell to explore a feature on a 'Pere Noel' Christmas celebration in Louisiana.

Watch below for Campbell's editorial pitch to Victor!

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Jonathan Bennett in “When I Think of Christmas”


Airing on Hallmark Channel Fri July 12 11a/10c

In “When I Think of Christmas,Jonathan Bennett plays Leonard, a very, very busy and holiday-frenzied teacher carrying a lot of boxes of baked goods. Watch the clip to see if Leonard remembered all of the varieties of cookies needed for the assembly!