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Christmas in July - Hallmark Channel 2024 Schedule

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Christmas in July 2024 - Week 4

Monday, July 22
11a/10c: Christmas Connection
1/12c: Coming Home for Christmas
3/2c: Christmas at Grand Valley
5/4c: The Christmas Promise
7/6c: One Royal Holiday
9/8c: Miracle in Bethlehem, PA
11/10c: A Homecoming for the Holidays

Tuesday, July 23
11a/10c: Making Spirits Bright
1/12c: A Fabled Holiday
3/2c: A Bramble House Christmas
5/4c: My Christmas Family Tree
7/6c: Mystery on Mistletoe Lane
9/8c: To All a Good Night
11/10c: A Little Christmas Charm

Wednesday, July 24
11a/10c: Once Upon a Holiday
1/12c: Holiday Hearts
3/2c: Time for Us to Come Home for Christmas
5/4c: Magic in Mistletoe
7/6c: A Biltmore Christmas
9/8c: An Unexpected Christmas
11/10c: Christmas Under Wraps

Thursday, July 25
11a/10c: Christmas on Cherry Lane
1/12c: Christmas in Rome
3/2c: Falling Like Snowflakes
5/4c: Take Me Back for Christmas
7/6c: Snow Bride
9/8c: A Royal Christmas
11/10c: The Christmas Note

Friday, July 26
11a/10c: Christmas She Wrote
1/12c: A Kiss Before Christmas
3/2c: Christmas Wonderland
5/4c: A Christmas Detour
7/6c: Time for Me to Come Home for Christmas
9/8c: Time for Him to Come Home for Christmas
11/10c: Long Lost Christmas

Saturday, July 27
6a/7c: Christmas Made to Order
8a/7c: A Royal Queens Christmas
10a/9c: Coyote Creek Christmas
12/11c: A Very Vermont Christmas
2/1c: A Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas
4/3c: Flipping for Christmas
6/5c: Picture a Perfect Christmas
8/7c: An Ice Palace Romance - Linear Premiere!
10/9c: Rescuing Christmas
12a/1c: Three Wise Men and a Baby

Sunday, July 28
6a/7c: Christmas at Castle Hart
8a/7c: A Heidelberg Holiday
10a/9c: A Merry Scottish Christmas
12/11c: Christmas Island
2/1c: Christmas in Notting Hill
4/3c: My Norwegian Holiday
6/5c: An Ice Palace Romance
8/7c: A World Record Christmas
10/9c: Crown for Christmas
12a/1c: A Cozy Christmas Inn