Watch Romantic Previews and go Behind the Scenes

Saturday, January 28
11a/10c: I Do, I Do, I Do
1/12c: Date with Love
3/2c: The Sweeter Side of Life
5/4c: All of My Heart
7/6c: Birthday Wish
9/8c: Love Locks - Hallmark Hall of Fame World Premiere Original

Sunday, January 29
11a/10c: Lucky in Love
1/12c: Birthday Wish
3/2c: Love Locks
5/4c: Perfect Match
7/6c: Valentine Ever After
9/8c: Anything for Love

Monday, January 30
8/7c: All Things Valentine

Tuesday, January 31
8/7c: Love on Ice

Wednesday, February 1
8/7c: A Royal Winter

Thursday, February 2
8/7c: Love Locks - Hallmark Hall of Fame

Friday, February 3
8/7c: My Best Friend's Wedding

Saturday, February 4
11a/10c: A Taste of Romance
1/12c: My Boyfriend's Dogs
3/2c: Birthday Wish
5/4c: Love Locks - Hallmark Hall of Fame
7/6c: All Things Valentine
9/8c: Walking the Dog - World Premiere Original

Saturday, February 5
9p/8c: Love on the Sidelines

Monday, February 6
8p/7c: Valentine Ever After

Tuesday, February 7
8/7c: All of My Heart

Wednesday, February 8
8/7c: Walking the Dog

Thursday, February 9
8/7c: Unleashing Mr. Darcy

Friday, February 10
8/7c: Love Locks - Hallmark Hall of Fame

Saturday, February 11
11a/10c: Valentine Ever After
1/12c: A Royal Winter
3/2c: The Wedding March
5/4c: Appetite for Love
7/6c: Walking the Dog
9/8c: A Dash of Love - World Premiere Original

Sunday, February 12
11a/10c: Love's Complicated
1/12c: Walking the Dog
3/2c: All Things Valentine
5/4c: A Dash of Love
7/6c: Love Locks - HHOF
9/8c: While You Were Dating - World Premiere Original

Monday, February 13
12/11c: Valentine Ever After
2/1c: Perfect Match
4/3c: Anything for Love
6/5c: Dater's Handbook
8/7c: Walking the Dog

Tuesday, February 14
12/11c: Love Locks - Hallmark Hall of Fame
2/1c: While You Were Dating
4/3c: Walking the Dog
6/5c: A Dash of Love
8/7c: Love at First Glance - World Premiere Original