Bring Me to Life
Del, Kat, Alice, and Elliot each receive answers about their past and present, while hope for the future brings new questions.
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Here Without You
All three Landry women feel the absence of a key ally in their lives as they struggle to make life-altering decisions and choices.

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Lose Yourself
Del, Kat, and Alice learn how events of the past have shaped their family's present. Alice learns a secret that affects her relationship with Elliot.

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Somewhere Only We Know
The Landry women learn things aren't always as they seem as each uncovers new past and present truths. Elliot questions how much of Kat's heart is in 1814.

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How to Save a Life
The Landry women reach an emotional climax as Kat works to conjure up a rescue, while Alice sees Del through a wave of grief as old wounds are opened.

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Long Time Gone
Founder's Day in Port Haven brings up memories for Del, Alice, and Elliot. Kat finds herself caught between two worlds in her search for answers.

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Wake Me Up When September Ends
Alice reevaluates the past and her friendship with Elliot, Kat discovers that history is told by the winners, Del questions the stories she tells herself.

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When You Were Young
The Landry women and Elliot reflect on what it means to grow up as they hang on to memories from their younger days while accepting who they have become.

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Hanging By a Moment
Del considers the future of Landry Farm in the present, Kat searches for answers through the past, and Alice tries to make peace with Elliot in both.

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The Space Between
Del recreates traditions of family summers past, Alice misses her friends, and Kat grapples with Jacob's mystery in the wake of losing Elliot.

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