Character Catch-Up

Character Catch-Up

Character Catch-Up

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"The Way Home" tells the story of three generations of women who are on an epic journey of unraveling deep family secrets and discovery with the people they love. Get caught up with all the characters from the series!

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Adult Del Landry

One of Port Haven’s most beloved daughters, Del Landry lovingly known as “Del” is a true pillar of her close-knit community. She is the mother to Kat and Jacob and the grandmother to Alice. Pragmatic, and unflappable…Del does not mince words and always tells it like it is.

Adult Del is far from the younger version of herself, she is heartbroken. The death of her husband and the disappearance of her young son Jacob has left in her a constant state of pain. Even though her late husband had the motto to never give up hope about their missing son, Del has sadly decided - after many years - to declare her son Jacob dead. Kat is upset at this decision. Without Del's support, Kat is determined to discover the truth of what really happened to her brother.

Young Del

Young Del is married to Colton Landry and has two children, Kat and Jacob. She is a loving wife who does a lot for her family. She is vibrant, happy and full of life unlike the adult version of herself.

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Adult Kat Landry

Kat, a mother currently separated from her husband, dedicates her time to navigating the challenges of rebuilding her life while raising her 15-year-old daughter, Alice. Despite the complexities of her own journey, an unexpected letter from her estranged mother Del in Port Haven prompts Kat to make a pivotal decision to move back there.

In the first season, we learn that this decision takes both Kat and Alice on a journey that they could have never prepared themselves for. Together, they embark on a quest to uncover long-buried family secrets. Despite her initial hesitation and warnings from her family, Kat becomes committed to discovering the truth of what happened to her father and brother. She also tries to find her way through career and love.

Teen Kat

Young Kat is full of life and in a relationship with her teenage love, Brady. She is eventually hit with two tragedies that have left her distraught over the disappearance of her brother Jacob and the death of her father, Colton.

Meet Kat - The Way Home

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Alice Dhawan

Alice is 15 and the only child of Kat and Brady. Like her grandfather Colton, she has a passion for music.

In season one, she has a difficult time dealing with the recent separation of her parents. She often expresses her pain through misbehavior at school. She does not have a strong bond with her mother, until they move to Port Haven to live with Del. It is there that the unraveling of family secrets lead her to forge a closer relationship with her mother and grandmother.

Alice learns about her family through time-traveling through a pond nearby. She travels back to 1999 often where she becomes best friend's with the teenage version of her mother. She lives a full life in the past, even dating a young man named Nick. Through time-travel, Alice sets out to discover the truth of what happened to Jacob and Colton. Her mother soon joins her.

Meet Alice - The Way Home

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Elliot Augustine

Elliot is the intelligent close friend to the Landry family. He grew up next door and is always there for them, not just in the present but also in the past. He was very close to teen Kat until she moved away at the age of 18. He becomes a support to Alice once she starts to time-travel back to 1999.

After a brief, unsuccessful marriage, Elliot returned to Port Haven, becoming a beloved science teacher at the same high school where he was once an awkward wallflower. He is the only one that knows about the time-traveling secret. He and Kat start a romance until he decides to cut it short.

Teen Elliot

Elliot is a smart young man who consistently supports not only teen Kat but also her daughter, Alice, when she time-travels back to 1999. He is there for every challenge and serves as the voice of reason. Elliot is in love with teen Kat and has had a long-running crush.

Highlight - I Trust You - The Way Home

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Colton Landry


Colton Landry is the husband of Del Landry. Together, they have two children, Kat and Jacob. Colton often uses his love of music to gather the family to sing, dance, and laugh with his treasured acoustic guitar. Throughout season one, we get to know Colton through either flashbacks or when his adult daughter Kat and her daughter Alice time travel back to 1999 before his death. Colton Landry died in the year 2000. This was a pivotal moment that left his daughter Kat and wife Del distraught. Before his death, their son Jacob disappeared further adding to the horrible grief of Kat and Del. Colton was very hopeful and always told the family to never give up hope regarding Jacob's disappearance.

When Colton was around, he would gather the family to sing. He encouraged Alice to sing, boosting her confidence in her musical ability. She found comfort knowing that music ran in the family. As the season goes on, some deep secrets are revealed about his death.

Highlight - Come With Me - The Way Home

Though warned, Kat is determined to get answers by any means.

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Jacob Landry


Jacob Landry is the younger brother of Kat Landry and the son of Colton and Del. He is boisterous, mischievous, imaginative, and instantly likable. He is the apple of his family's eye. They become distraught when he disappears at a carnival. Though the community comes together to search for him, they never find him.

After over 20 years of searching, Del declares him dead, until Kat and her daughter Alice drum up a different plan to discover the truth. In season one, the truth they unravel shocks the entire family.

Going Home - The Way Home

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Brady Dhawan

Brady is Kat Landry’s soon-to-be ex-husband and father to Alice. He has moved on with a woman named Rachel. Alice is not happy about this. Brady spends a lot of time working and living a separate life from Kat and Alice. His seperation from Kat has negative effects on Alice. It causes her to misbehave in school leading her and her mother to move back to Port Haven. Through season one, Brady does the best he can to be there for his family. He even attempts to reunite with Kat.

Teen Brady

Young Brady is accustomed to having things come easy. Born into a wealthy family, he grew up in an affluent suburb. He met young Kat at summer camp, and they fell in love as teenagers. He serves as a great support to young Kat when her brother disappears.

Jealousy - The Way Home