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Homemade Cat Toys

Nothing says “welcome home” like a few fun homemade cat toys. Whether it’s some simple feather and string, or a mouse toy made out of cardboard, be sure to properly welcome your new fur baby with a little DIY cat entertainment. Not only is it inexpensive, but making your cat toys from scratch also allows you to be a little more creative with how you keep your new kitty amused.

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Naturally Safe Litter

Never overlook the importance of litter to a smooth and safe transition. Litter aversion (a cat not using the box) is the #1 reason cats are surrendered every year! It is crucial for adopting families to look for a safe choice that delivers the long-lasting performance that ensures a long and loving relationship. From traditional products to natural litter made of corn, there are a dozens of options. Look for a clumping litter that knocks out odor and ensures the clean box pet parents and cats love.

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Loads of Cat Love

Filling your home with nothing but cat love is an absolute must. As you begin to transition your new pet into your home, be prepared to spend some quality time together. Get ready to get on your hands and knees and start playing with your new best bud, and don’t forget to take lot of pictures — the more cat selfies on your phone the better.

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A Balanced and Healthy Diet

Every cat is different and may need different food or diet requirements. While it may take a little while for you to figure out exactly what your new best bud prefers, it’s critical they get a healthy amount of protein-rich food. While there’s no shortage of food cats can eat, be sure to contact your veterinarian if you’re unsure what to put on their plate.

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A Safe and Familiar Space

Going from a shelter to your new home can be a little overwhelming. One of the first things you should do when welcoming your new fur baby is give them a space to call their own. Whether it’s a cat house or a corner of a room filled with toys and a bed, be sure your cat has a place it can lay low. Also, don’t forget about the location of your cat’s litter box — be sure it’s in a place that’s quiet and comfortable.

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A Good Grooming Routine

A fundamental pillar of proper cat care is making sure your new furry friend is properly groomed. This includes making sure you clip their nails and brush their hair, as well as the occasional bath every now and again. Don’t forget about giving your cat to the necessary treatments to avoid things like ticks and fleas.

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A Community of Cat People

If you’re looking for a community of cat people just like you, look no further than online. Signing up for newsletters and joining cat forums are a great way to connect with other likeminded cat lovers. Also, be sure to surround yourself and your new cat with people who are equally as in love with felines as you are. This includes everything from the friends and family you have over your house to the veterinarian you choose for your routine checkups and vaccinations.