Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

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Ask Dylan Neal

Dylan Neal joins Home & Family and even takes some of your social media questions using FaceTime..

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Crispy Rice Treat Burger - Home & Family

Crispy Rice Treat Cheeseburger

Food artist Jessica Siskin is in the Home & Family kitchen to make crispy rice treat cheeseburgers and talks about her cookbook, “Treat Yourself.” This cheeseburger isn’t your ordinary burger, instead of meat, it has marshmallows, food coloring and cereal. To add a little variation, feel free to use chocolate-flavored cereal to make it look like a real burger.

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DIY Wire Christmas String Lights - Home & Family

DIY Wire Christmas String Lights

Orly Shani is taking Christmas lights and showing you how turn them into festive decorations like snowmen and a Christmas tree. Use foam block to create your desired shape and wrap them in electrical wire. An important tip is to use LED lights that won’t overheat.

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Jenna Von Oy
Actress and author, Jenna Von Oy visits Home & Family to talk about her parenting books, including her latest, “Situation Momedy: A Very Special Episode in Toddlerdom.” In her books, she offers perspective of a best friend. Jenna also opens up about being a mother herself to two daughters, 5-year-old Gray and 7-year-old Marlowe. She even shares her own parenting fails and what she struggles with most when it comes to being a mother.

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Dog Grooming At Home

Pet rescue expert Larissa Wohl is giving you helpful tips on how to groom your dog at home. If your dog is a rescue, grooming your pet at home can be less traumatic. If your dog has recently been spayed or neutered, check with your vet on when the appropriate time to groom is. She also introduces you to some helpful products to make your dog’s grooming experience stress-free.

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Chesapeake Shores Bench - Home & Family

Picket Fence Bench

Ken Wingard has his own Chesapeake Shores-themed DIY, a picket fence bench! When looking for materials for this project, he recommends going to your local hardware store first. The best part is this DIY will only cost around $20.

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Actors Genneya Walton, Bella Shouse and Victoria Vida sit down with Home & Family to discuss their new season of “Project MC2,” which has its season premiere September 15th on Netflix. They even test how well they know each other with some good old fashion trivia.

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DIY Onesies Bouquets - Home & Family

DIY Onesie & Sock Cupcakes & Bouquets

Maria Provenzano is celebrating baby with a series of DIYS that you can make that will all cost under $25. This includes replicating a cupcake using baby towels and bibs and presenting a bouquet made to look like flowers out of baby socks and towels.

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Chicken Dinner with Cured Egg Yolk - Home & Family

Sheet-Pan Broiled Chicken Dinner with Cured Egg Yolk

Dan Kohler is in the Home & Family kitchen making a chicken dinner and showing you how to top it off with a cured egg yolk. With Dan’s chicken dish, he uses mayonnaise as a marinade. He recommends using chicken thighs for this dish because of the the cost, succulence and flavor. This dish can also be made substituting fish or shrimp instead of chicken.

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DIY Butterfly House

Paige Hemmis has a colorful and creative DIY, a butterfly house using plywood, drill bits, fake butterflies and acrylic paint. Make sure you place the finished house in a place near a food source for butterflies. Make sure you paint this DIY in bright and vibrant colors to attract butterflies.

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Contact Lens Hygiene

Dr. JJ is expressing the importance of contact lens hygiene, especially since 1 out of 500 contact users will experience eye infections yearly. She urges to avoid placing contacts in water and always cleaning them, using store-bought solutions. Also, don’t forget to give your eyes a break from lenses and wear your glasses, too.

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