Paige Hemmis has the perfect DIY for those who love butterflies.


  • Craft wood ¼” thick
  • Wood glue
  • Nail gun
  • Drill with drill bits
  • Small hinges
  • Fake butterflies for decoration
  • Acrylic paint of your choice
  • OPTIONAL: Paint sticks or tongue depressors to make shingles for the roof
  • Craft wood stick pieces
  • 4’ wooden dowel


1. Cut the pieces of wood in the size that you would like.

2. Put the wood pieces together to create a square house.

3. Use wood glue to put together the structure, then add a nail gun to assure that it’s in place.

4. Do the same thing for a roof.

5. Paint a bright color.

6. Add a couple of fake butterflies to the outside to invite them in.

7. Add some fake branches, bark and pieces of wood to the inside to give them a place to

8. Drill holes in the bottom for drainage.

9. Drill holes in the bottom for a post.

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