DIY Onesie & Sock Cupcakes & Bouquet

Maria Provenzano has a series of DIYs that will be perfect to participate in at your next baby shower.

Materials for Cupcake Onesies

  • 4 onesies; newborn size 
  • 2 sets of baby socks
  • small cupcake box 
  • 4 regular size cupcake liners 
  • decorative tissue paper; optional 

Directions for Baby Sock and Towel Bouquet

  • baby socks
  • baby towels 
  • large popsicle sticks 
  • green masking tape 
  • basket, bucket, pot, or something similar 
  • foam ball that fits in the basket 
  • silk flowers
  • tissue paper 
DIY Onesies Bouquets - Home & Family

Directions for Onesies

1) Fold the onesie into thirds

2) Place the sock at one end with the toe of the sock at the top and the open part of the sock at the bottom

3) Tightly roll the onesie up with the sock in the middle having the open part of the sock sticking out of the bottom

4) Fold the open end of the sock over the rolled up onesie to hold it all together

5) Place in a cupcake liner

6) Line the cupcake box with tissue paper and place the onesie cupcakes into the box

Directions for Bouquet

1) Place the popsicle stick in the center of the sock and roll the sock around the stick, and use the second sock in the pair to wrap around as well

2) Secure the bottom of the sock onto the stick with the green masking tape

3) Fold the towel in half and then in half again

4) Place the stick at one end of the towel and roll up

5) Secure the bottom with masking tape

6) Repeat with more socks and towels

7) Place tissue paper into basket so that it sticks out the sides

8) Place the foam ball into the basket

9) Place the popsicle sticks into the foam ball until full

10) Fill in the rest of the space with the silk flowers

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