Wednesday, October 9th, 2019

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Cameron’s Health Update - Home & Family

Cameron's Health Update
Cameron is happy to report, after his one-month post-surgery check-in, he is cancer free. He thanks “Home & Family” and his fans for all the love and support. Debbie shares a sweet treat from her daughter, Alexandra, for Cameron. Alexandra gifted him a caramel apple as an apple a day keeps the doctor away. There are over 7,000 kinds of apples so Debbie quizzes Cameron to see if he can guess the difference between real and fake apple names including Dog’s Snout, Purple Majesty, and Rusty Coat.

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Erin Cahill & Trevor Donovan talk “Love, Fall and Order” - Home & Family

Erin Cahill and Trevor Donovan
Erin Cahill and Trevor Donovan are no strangers to Hallmark Channel Movie fans. Now you can see them together in “Love, Fall and Order” premiering Saturday, October 12th at 9pm/8c. Their characters Patrick and Claire have been competitive ever since high school. They awkwardly meet again when facing off in a legal battle to save Claire’s family farm. Trevor is no stranger to competition as he was crowned both Prom Prince in high school and Prom King on the TV show “90210.” Erin also shares her royal past which includes a dress inspired by Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty” Princess Aurora.

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Actress Christina Chang stops by to talk about ABC’s “The Good Doctor,” in which she plays Dr. Audrey Lim. Her character leads a group of residents including a young surgeon, played by Freddie Highmore, with autism and savant syndrome. Season 3 finds Audrey being the boss - which she is good, and balancing personal relationships. Christina has appeared on many shows including “Nashville” and even appeared with Cameron on “All My Children.” Watch the “Good Doctor” Monday at 10pm/9c on ABC.

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Stuffed Pretzel Caramel Skillet Cookie - Home & Family

Stuffed Pretzel Caramel Skillet Cookie
“The Cookie Book” author Rebecca Firth’s Stuffed Pretzel Caramel Skillet Cookie recipe will put your taste buds on overdrive. Rebecca loves skillet cookies because you can bake one large cookie at a time and be done with dessert. An extra egg yolk gives this treat a nice crispy texture on the outside while the chewy inside comes from bread flower. Rebecca's last tip for this dessert is to keep some of the add in ingredients including chocolate, pretzels and caramel candies to sprinkle on top.

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DIY Magazine Rack - Home & Family

DIY Magazine Rack
Do you love magazines but hate the clutter? Fear not because Orly is going to help you store your magazines in style with a DIY Magazine Rack. These racks will look like a piece of art in your house while serving a super cool function. The rack is made with macramé hoops to create a sturdy structure, while faux leather fabric is used to give a strong and stylish base. You can also use pieces of leather cording to bind the rack together.

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Tonya Dalton - Home & Family

Tonya Dalton
Have you ever spent the day tackling your to-do list only to go to bed feeling like you didn’t get enough done? We have all been there so Productivity Expert and author of “The Joy of Missing Out,” Tonya Dalton explains how we can change all of that with a little JOMO. Tonya encourages us to let go of being busy and instead prioritize what brings us joy so we can live more by doing less. Many get overwhelmed by their daily to-do list thinking there are too many tasks when in reality it’s just anxiety stemming from not knowing where to start. Tonya’s tip: turn your to-do list to into a priority list which is shorter and tells you exactly where to start. Start by escalating the most important and urgent items to the top of your list. Next, cultivate important tasks that are not urgent and relate to your personal growth. Finally, accommodate tasks that feel urgent but are not important. The tasks you accommodate can often times be delegated leaving more time for yourself.

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Fashionable Flannels - Home & Family


Cozy flannels are like the white t-shirts of fall. Celebs like Reese Witherspoon and Gwen Stefani recently rocked flannel showing this comfy cozy classic can go beyond pajamas. Lawrence shares three flannel inspired looks you can try to take part in this fall trend.

First, instead of a basic flannel shirt, accessorize with a flannel piece with fly away details that frame the face adding a feminine touch. A flannel vest is a great example.

Next, elevate the distressed wearing a powerful piece underneath like a flannel shirt.

Finally, this trend is accessible for all ages and body types with a sleek flannel A line dress with tights or leggings to cover your legs and keep the line of the outfit moving.

Pro tips from Lawrence also include 1.) You don’t want the trend to wear you, you want to wear the trend. 2.) You can also keep your flannel fresh when washing by avoiding hot water, using a gentle cycle, and fabric softener. Place flannel in the dryer or air dry.

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Adoption Ever After
Larissa introduces a lovely little lady named Lilly that is up for adoption from Heartland Human Society. She is is a 3-year-old lab boxer mix that plays well with other dogs and even cats.

Hoss is a new sweet and gentle man in Larissa’s life looking for a forever home through Dobie and Little Paws Rescue. He is a 5-year-old blue Doberman with a beautiful fur coat. He’s got a little bit of a limp from being hit by a car, but it has yet to slow him down.

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DIY Pumpkin Canvases
These DIY Pumpkin Canvases are perfect for dressing up your fireplace for those brisk fall months ahead. Paige loves decorating mantles any time of year and her Pumpkin canvases are perfect alternatives to placing actual pumpkins - which may not fit. Wrapping these canvases in fun fall patterns is as easy as wrapping a gift and adds height to your mantle.

Get the instructions for the DIY Pumpkin Canvases >>

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Healthy Food Swaps
Reducing sugar from your diet is not as easy as cutting out cakes and donuts as many of the foods we think of as healthy contain a whole lot of sugar. Nutrition expert Harley Pasternak reveals hidden high sugar foods you should avoid and healthy swaps. Our daily sugar intake is easily doubled by condiments like ketchup, orange juice, and granola which are full of added sugars.

Harley suggests replacing high sugar condiments like ketchup and barbecue sauce with spices includes steak spice, a Jamaican spice rub or lemon pepper. Reduce the sugar in your orange juice by making your own which has 70% less sugar than store bought brands. Make your own tasty granola with less sugar by mixing puffed rice, freeze dried fruit and almonds.

Harley also tells Debbie and Cameron about his new product called Sweetkick that helps kick your sugar addiction.

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DIY Upholstery Pillow Covers
Fabric scraps can become beautiful show pieces with Ken’s DIY Upholstery Pillow Covers. Ken was inspired to create this project when he found a stack of upholstery samples for little over a dollar. These swatches are often used by furniture stores to help customers pick a sofa fabric but as the seasons change these samples are sold for a buck or given away for free. Fabric samples are perfect for pillows as they have pre-cut clean edges and are reversible.

Get the instructions for the DIY Upholstery Pillow Covers >>

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