Do you love magazines but hate the clutter? Store your magazines in style with this DIY Magazine Rack.
DIY Magazine Rack
Storage, Home Decor


  • Macramé hoops, 19” diameter, 4mm rod (2)
  • Stiff leather or heavy-duty fabric
  • Leather cording
  • Leather punch
  • Hot glue and glue sticks
  • Heavy-duty scissors or rotary cutter


  1. Line your two macramé hoops up and pull one through the other until the bottom of your two hoops are far enough apart to hold magazines. *This should look like an “X” with long legs from the side.*
  2. Glue the hoops in place at the intersections.
  3. Use leather cording to wrap the intersections. Use hot glue to secure.
  4. Next, cut a piece of material wide enough for magazines and long enough to fit magazines and fold over the ring of both your hoops.
  5. Measure out the spacing for the holes along the edge of your material, about 2” apart is good. Repeat this on the opposite edge.
  6. Take your leather punch and punch all of the marked holes.
  7. Fold the leather around the bottom of the hoop, pull the edge about 1” over the hoop making sure it’s lined up properly.
  8. Punch through the existing holes so that you can weave cording through both layers.
  9. String the cording through the holes to secure it around the macramé hoop. Secure each end with a knot.
  10. Repeat steps 7-9 on the opposite side.
  11. Place and enjoy!

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