Melanie Chandra Interview

The actress visits Home & Family to talk about her new CBS drama, “Code Black.” She opens up about how the television show was first inspired by a documentary of the same name. Melanie jokes that there are times the medical jargon can be tough to learn, but she makes it work. Melanie's originally worked as a chemical engineer, before realizing she wanted to follow her dream of being an actor. In real life, Melanie is a newlywed and opens up about her traditional Indian wedding.
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Chef Damon Gordon Cooks! - Home & Family

Chef Damon Gordon Cooks

The Executive Chef of Water Grill, Damon Gordon is in the kitchen preparing the seafood dish, Cioppino. He points out that a trick to preparing a great meal is adding seasoning throughout the entire cooking process. When making Cioppino, you can use whatever shellfish you would like. When the dish is done, he recommends serving the Italian seafood stew with Sauvignon Blanc.

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Head to Toe Beauty Tips

Kym Douglas shows you some fun beauty products that everybody will love. She has items that help with hair loss, a foot scrub and a polish that assists with nail growth.

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Cross Examination

Criminal Attorney Darren Kavinoky returns to talk about the process of cross examination in trial. The opportunity to ask “leading questions” makes cross examination such an important part of the trial. After his explanation, Darren creates a mock trial using Mark and Cristina as defendants.

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Natural Apothecary - Home & Family

DIY Natural Apothecary

Sophie Uliano and Paige Hemmis team up for a DIY. Sophie introduces you to all the new natural first aid products that are available to help with bruises, scrapes and cold & sinus issues. Paige then shows you how to make the perfect storage space to keep all your natural remedies that Sophie just introduced you to.

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Laura Regan Interview

Actress Laura Regan stops by to talk about her Fox series, “Minority Report,” which is a sequel to the 2002 Tom Cruise film with the same name. In the show, Laura plays a precognitive who can foresee future murderers. She even brings a clip for Mark and Cristina to enjoy. Before becoming a regular on “Minority Report,” Laura has been in her fair share of horror movies, including “Dead Silence” and “They.”
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Balloon Art - Home & Family

Fun with Balloons

Balloon expert Sandi Masori is back to show Home & Family how to make one giant black spider out of balloons. When you inflate the balloons for this design, make sure there is a little bit of air left in each one so you can manipulate their shape. When you are done, you can hang them from doors, ceilings or even columns.

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No Sew Winter Baby Blankets - Home & Family

No Sew Winter Baby Blanket

Tanya Memme is getting you ready for the colder winter weather by showing you how to make your own no sew winter baby blankets. The blanket can cost you as little as $12 and when you double the materials, you can make a no-sew winter blanket for a grown-up. She also points out that you can customize the blankets any way you want. The tip to having a longer-lasting blanket is to make sure you use anti-pill fleece fabric.

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Reducing Winter Allergies - Home & Family

Reducing Winter Allergies

Dave Broderick of Stanley Steemers sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about how you can reduce winter allergies in your home. He recommends getting your carpets cleaned by Stanley Steemer to alleviate any allergy symptoms. The deep cleaning services by Stanley Steemer get rid of 94% allergens in your home. Stanley Steemer also makes their own spot remover that gets rid of stains like red wine!

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Kids in the House

CEO and Founder of Kids in the House, Leana Greene introduces Home & Family to her website, which is aimed to help parents who have all types of questions, by providing them experts in various fields. The website contains over 9,000 videos to choose from, ranging in topics like spirituality to discipline. Mark is even a contributor on Leana’s website!

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