Balloon Expert Sandi Masori shows you how to make a fun design.


Take 2 round balloons (i.e. 11 or 12”), inflate one bigger and one smaller.  Keep them squishy, especially if you’re using black.    Tie the two balloons together. 

Next take 4 “260” balloons (long skinny ones).  They should be inflated all the way, with a good “burp” (let a little bit of the pressure out so they’re still fully inflated, but a little squishy)

Take 2 of the 4 “260” balloons, find the centers and twist them together into an “x”.  Then add the next 2 “260” balloons so that there are 8 spokes. 

Wrap the 260s around the round balloons at the connection point.   Arrange so that there are 4 “legs” on each side.

Gently take one of the legs and make a “Z”  with it.  Apply a gentle pressure to the balloon so that the leg takes the “z” shape.  Repeat with all 8 legs.

You can embellish the spider by drawing or gluing eyes on.  Sticker eyes or self stick google eyes are especially fun. 

To make the “stick” take another “260” balloon in a different color.  Tie an uninflated “260” to the end of the stick, and then tie or wrap the other end of the uninflated balloon around the connection between the two round balloons and the “legs”. 

Now bounce your spider around on its jumping stick.  

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