Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019

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Adoption Ever After - Eevee & Snorlax - Home & Family

Adoption Ever After
Larissa and Paige are hanging with two little kit cats, Eevee and Snorlax, available for adoption from Kitten Rescue. They are jet black, 3-month old brothers, who love the company of other cats. They also remind us it is Black Cat Awareness Month.

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Larissa introduces two little lovers, you will surely fall in love with, Kimmy and Kelly. These 10-week-old doxie mixes are very special babies that are hearing and vision impaired. However, that does not stop them from being like any other dog.

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DIY Glitter Ombre Vase - Home & Family

DIY Glitter Ombre Vase
Paige and Cameron are in the Christmas Corner turning mismatched vases into a dazzling set of glittery vases. These are great for decorating your mantel this holiday season. The key is to use three colors in order of darkest, lightest and very lightest to get the ombre effect. The inspiration for this great craft is the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries film "A Merry Christmas Match" airing Friday, October 25 at 9pm/8c on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries.

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Maple Star Twist - Home & Family

Maple Star Twist
During this time of year, we all constantly have company. Debbie always likes to have a treat on hand to go with a cup of coffee and shares how to make her go to pastry, a Maple Star Twist.

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Alfonso Ribeiro Interview - Home & Family

Alfonso Ribeiro
Actor and host Alfonso Ribeiro, a TV staple for years on shows like "The Fresh Prince of Bel-air" and "America's Funniest Home Videos," is bringing back his popular game show "Catch-21." The show is returning with a familiar face, his “Dancing with the Stars” dance partner Witney Carson is the dealer on show. Debbie and Cameron quiz Alfonso on his game show host knowledge.

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DIY Trick or Treat Totes
Halloween is right around the corner and Lynn Lilly is helping us Trick or Treat in style with her DIY Trick or Treat Totes. Lynn's shaker totes give kids a fun bag to play with as they collect candy on Halloween. Best part, this technique creates a bag can that can be used for other holidays as well.

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Cat Camp
Cats often get a bad rap when it comes to pet behavior. Jackson Galaxy not only has an awesome name, he is a cat wellness expert and sets the record straight on cat behavior. Jackson debunks misconceptions such as "cats should behave like dogs" and “cats don’t like people.”

Jackson is an advocate for shelter cats and goes to shelters across the country training cats in a program called Cat Pawsitive.

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Fall Root Veggie Casserole
Cameron is in the kitchen making Chef John Tesar's Fall Root Veggie Casserole. The dish is perfect for fall and so simple Cameron can even make it. The secret ingredient in the dish is salsify, a very exotic root vegetable sweeter than a turnip.

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Viewer Mail - Home & Family

Viewer Mail
The family members are answering your questions. How do you keep the shower curtain rod up? Paige has got you covered with tips and tricks for getting the shower curtain rod to stick. Need help organizing your crafts? Ken is coming to the rescue with color coordination and mason jar storage solutions. Debbie even jumps in with how to deal with finicky phyllo dough.

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Mark Gregston on Parenting Style for Teens - Home & Family

Changing Your Parenting Style for Teens
Counseling teens for over 30 years through Heart Light Ministries, Best-selling author of “Raising Teens in a Contrary Culture” Mark Gregston explains why you need to change your parenting style when kids become teens. Mark's advice includes making the transition seamless by moving away from teaching and shifting to training and be an ally not an enemy in decision-making.

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Viewing Party Essentials - Home & Family

Viewing Party Essentials
Christmas is only 63 days away but Christmas holiday fun officially kicks of this Friday with Hallmark Channel's Countdown to Christmas. Get ready for the big event with viewing party essentials from Hallmark Gold Crown stores.

First things first, you need to be cozy with movie watching gear including t-shirts, sweaters and cozy pants. These items all double as great gifts.

Now that you are cozy, you'll need to get food and drinks. The Let's Watch Hallmark Movies Popcorn Bowl, perfect for Maria’s parmesan popcorn. There are also Drink Wine and Watch Hallmark Movies Wine Glasses that can also be used for milk for Santa.

After you finish a movie with your friends and family stay a while and play the Monopoly Hallmark Channel Board Game.

Remember to visit your participating Hallmark Gold Crown stores this weekend for the Countdown to Christmas event where the new line of authentic Hallmark Channel products will be launched.

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DIY Embroidered Photo - Home & Family

DIY Embroidered Photo
Ken shows how to add a whole new depth to the photos we love one stitch at a time with his DIY Embroidered Photo. Inspired by “When Hope Calls” this craft is simple and combines embroidery and modern photography.

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