Wednesday, October 19th, 2016

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Taylor Hicks Cooks - Home & Family

Taylor Hicks Visits

“American Idol” winner Taylor Hicks stops by to talk about his new show “State Plate, which premieres October 21st at 9/8c on INSP Network. Taylor has also been staying busy on tour, even performing with rap icon Snoop Dogg. The singer brings his Alabama roots to the kitchen by cooking up one of his favorite dishes in the kitchen, white BBQ sauce with grilled chicken sandwich.

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How to Fake a Younger Appearance

Kym Douglas is here to show you some top secrets on how to appear younger. From at-home Botox products to helping you lift your saggy eyelids, Kym has you covered!

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Carson Kressley Stops By

Style expert Carson Kressley visits Home & Family to talk about his new book, “Does This Book Make my Butt Look Big?” The book focuses on giving yourself a makeover. The stylist also takes on sassy solutions for for Orly, Debbie and Kym’s fashion fears.

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Costumes for Baby - Home & Family

DIY Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for Babies

Orly Shani is celebrating baby by giving you some adorable ideas for your baby’s Halloween. She even shows you how to make a last-minute costume using an old sweater and painting on spiderwebs.

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Last Minute Travel - Home & Family

Last-Minute Holiday Travel

The Travel Trio, Carolyn Scott-Hamilton, Tracy O’Connor and Donna Perkins sit down with Mark and Debbie to talk about the hottest deals for your last-minute holiday travel.

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Creepy Crawlers

The host of ABC’s “The Wildlife Doc,” Rachel Reenstra is joined by animal trainer, Alexa Demangelaere to introduce Home & Family to real creepy crawly scorpions and tarantulas while explaining some interesting facts about the two.

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DIY Halloween Cupcake Decorating - Home & Family

Halloween Cupcake Decorating

Katherine Kallinis Berman and Sophie Kallonis LaMontagne are in the kitchen baking some delicious and festive Halloween cupcakes that you will want to serve at your next party.

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DIY Simple Halloween Decorations - Home & Family

DIY Simple Decoration Ideas

Ken Wingard gets you ready for your next Halloween party with these simple decoration ideas, including showing you how to make spooky candles.

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