Johnathon Schaech Interview

Actor Johnathon Schaech joins Mark and Cristina to talk about his upcoming History Channel series, “Texas Rising” which is about the battle for the Republic of Texas. He also talks about how talented the cast of the series is, including Bill Paxton, Thomas Jane and Ray Liotta. He jokes that none of the actors had real trailers since the show was filmed in the middle of Durango, Mexico. He also opens up about his family and being the son of a retired Baltimore police officer. The actor is also a father to a young son Camden, who  was named after the Camden Yards baseball stadium.

Don't miss "Texas Rising," premiering Monday, May 25th, 9/8c on History Channel.

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Grilled Vegetable Sandwich - Home & Family

Grilled Vegetable Sandwich

Cristina is cooking and this time she is grilling vegetables. Before putting the vegetables on the grill, she brushes them with olive oil. She also suggests using Japanese eggplant because they are sweeter than regular eggplants. Make sure to keep your eye on the vegetables once they are grilling because some cook faster than others.

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Do It Yourself Kid’s Hanging Mobile - Home & Family

Kid’s Hanging Mobile

Ken Wingard shows you how to make the perfect hanging mobile for your child’s room. Ken suggests using heavy felt and avoiding the craft felt. When it comes to making a mobile for infants, make sure you use reds, blacks and whites for colors which stimulates babies sight.

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Kym Douglas’s Sleeping Tips - Home & Family

How To Relax and Sleep Through the Night

Kym Douglas has a list of new ways you can get a better night’s sleep. This includes new bed sheets, sound apps you can find on your phone and even a sleep pillow!

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Kym's suggested apps include:

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Greer Grammer Interview - Home & Family

Greer Grammer Interview

Actress Greer Grammer sits down with Home & Family to talk about her show returning to MTV “Awkward” as well as her new part on ABC Family’s “Melissa and Joey.” The daughter of Kelsey Grammer, she is the most recent Miss Golden Globe and shares a funny story of how Prince had a difficult time following her stage direction.  Greer’s whole career began when she started participating in beauty pageants, even winning Miss Teen Malibu.

Don't miss the Season Premiere of "Awkward," August 31st on MTV.

Don't miss Greer's debut on "Melissa & Joey," June 10th, 8/7c on ABC Family

Quinoa for Breakfast and Lunch - Home & Family

Quinoa for Breakfast and Lunch

Food Blogger Cathy Shambley is in the Home & Family kitchen to talk about all the ways you can incorporate quinoa into your meals including breakfast! Quinoa is also a natural gluten-free grain and when it is refrigerated it can last up to five days.  Cathy first started her food blog when her husband’s job took him to New York and she decided to follow her passion and go to culinary school.

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Summer Travel with Colleen Kelly

With summertime quickly approaching, travel expert Colleen Kelly gives you a list of the hottest travel destinations to visit. She suggests hitting social media to find discounts to places you are traveling to. Cheyenne, Wisconsin offers dude ranches, horseback riding and a bunch of other outdoor activities. Ozarks, Missouri has great boating, tubing, caves and castles and finally, Palm Beach, Florida has a Lion County Safari where you can actually feed the animals. She reminds you that if you are traveling with younger children, don’t overwhelm them.

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DIY Dry Erase Board

Tanya Memme shows you how easy it is to stay organized by making your very own dry erase board. You can paint it whatever color you want and as creative as you want. The total cost of this project is under $30!

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Ask Sophie

Sophie Uliano takes to social media to answer some of your questions. She suggests monk fruit as a natural sweetener and also Yacon syrup and Lucuma. When it comes to hair growth, look for foods that are rich in fatty acids, Vitamin C, Biotin, MSM Compound and Zinc. Finally, Sophie suggests peppermint oil over Advil when battling a headache.

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DIY Customized Storage Jars

Daniel Kucan shows you how to spruce up your storage jars by customizing for under two dollars! He recommends tone on tone color schemes to help with your organization and at the same time, calm the mind. Use your decorative items that match size and scale. He also points out that when dealing with plastic, use Krylon paint.

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