Tony Cavalero Interview

The comedic actor visits Mark and Cristina to talk about his new Nickelodeon series, “School of Rock,” which premieres Saturday, March 12th at 9:30/8:30c. Tony opens up about his background in improv and sketch comedy and how that led to landing this coveted lead role. He even entertains the audience with his audition tape for “School of Rock.”

Joy Bauer Cooks - Home & Family

Joy Bauer Cooks

Nutritionist Joy Bauer is in the kitchen showing you how to prepare healthy jalapeño poppers! Joy explains that she was born with a passion for health but also loves indulgent foods. She explains which ingredients can be used as healthy substitutes in recipe to lower the calorie count. She also prepares mini-cupcakes with an avocado frosting and everybody is surprised to find out that the secret ingredient is black beans!

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Makeup Hacks

Kym Douglas gives you some shortcuts on how to keep your makeup alive throughout the day. She suggests mixing what is left of your lipstick with Vaseline to make it last even longer. You can revive dry mascara by adding 4-5 drops of saline solution. Finally, combine lotion with your broken bronzer and you have tinted moisturizer!

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James Lafferty Interview

Actor and director James Lafferty talks about his new film, “Waffle Street,” which is available on demand on March 15th. Before making it big on the primetime series, “One Tree Hill,” James was busy playing an extra on shows like “Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman” and “90210.”

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Living Easter Basket - Home & Family

Living Easter Basket

Ken Wingard is joined by a pint-sized guest, his daughter, Coco! He shows Mark and Cristina how to prepare a living Easter basket. He cites this as a great DIY to do with your children because it teaches them about spring and the turning of the seasons. When you are done, he suggests adding moss to the space to cover up the gaps.

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Tomato Juice Pearls - Home & Family

Food Spherification

Dan Kohler is here to talk about foods that create liquid pearls. This involves sodium alginate, water and calcium choride. To have some extra fun, Dan shows you how to make tomato juice pearls! After watching Dan’s presentation, Joy calls him brilliant!

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New Rules for Student Loans - Home & Family

New Rules for Student Loans

Financial expert Harvey Warren is sharing new information about updated rules for student loans. He provides you with a list of websites that will be helpful when it comes to consolidating to help lower your rate and explains how you can drop the percentage in your interest rate. He highly recommends seeking advice from an approved career and financial advisor.

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Wild Fashion Trends

Debbie Matenopoulos teams up with Robby LaRiviere to talk about the wildest fashion trends out there. From fur nails to glitter eyebrows, these two are introducing Mark and Cristina to some wacky things people are doing in the name of fashion.

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Pros and Cons to Parenting a Pig - Home & Family

Pros and Cons of Pig Parenting

Laura Nativo is breaking down the pros and cons of the latest trend, owning a pig. She warns viewers at home that pigs are super intelligent and need constant attention and stimulation. If they don’t get constant attention, they can be destructive. Remember that some pigs are affectionate and some are aloof would rather want to be alone. Pigs are very sensitive and susceptible to heat and stress and these are all key facts you should take into consideration when thinking about adopting one.

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