Wednesday, March 20th, 2019

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Banana Split Mousse - Home & Family

Banana Split Mousse

Baker and owner of Merci Beaucoup Cakes in Georgia, Reva Alexander-Hawk is making a decadent dessert of banana split mousse. She explains that this is a super easy dessert to put together, especially if you have last-minute houseguests. She serves the dish in a small canning jar to give it a more homely feel and make it easier to take on the go.

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DIY Traveling Dog Bed - Home & Family

DIY Traveling Dog Bed

Paige Hemmis is celebrating the premiere of Hallmark Channel’s Original Movie, “Love to the Rescue,” by showing you how to make your own traveling dog bed. Before getting started, make sure your fabric is big enough for your dog to lay on. She also cautions you to not over-stuff the bed because you are going to want to roll it up tight when you are not using it.

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Spring Bloom Care

Amy Marella is giving you tips on how to care for your spring flowers. Start with taking a bucket of cold water and submerge your bouquet of hydrangeas for two hours. When you take the flowers out, trim the stem and watch them open up. Another added tip is cracking the stem to allow water to travel towards the bloom. When it comes to tulips, keep in mind that they grow an additional 2-3 inches once they are placed in a vase.

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Rome Flynn

Actor Rome Flynn sits down with Debbie and Cameron to discuss his new movie, “Tyler Perry's A Madea Family Funeral,” which is currently playing in theaters. He also discusses his Emmy win for his role on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” during his last year on the soap opera. The actor opens up about growing up with a big family of six siblings! His original childhood dream was to play professional basketball, but he discovered a love for acting while in college.

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Fact or Fiction: Hydrogen Peroxide

Kym Douglas is breaking down what is fact and what is fiction when it comes to using hydrogen peroxide.

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Spring Samosas - Home & Family

Spring Samosas

Chef Aarti Sequeira is making a delicious batch of spring samosas with a homemade chutney. She explains that these samosas are not as heavy as usual ones because they are filled with peas instead of potatoes. She adds cranberries to the peas because they bring a nice sweet and sour taste to the recipe. She also shows you how to fold the dough to fill the samosas.

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Spring Cleaning Your Closet

Decluttering expert Tracy McCubbin is giving you tips on how to clean out your closet for spring. She points out that when you take out all your winter wardrobe, you make more room for your new spring clothes. Before getting started, create three different piles for your clothes: discard, donate and preserve.

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Cigna Health Improvement Tour - Home & Family

Cigna Health Improvement Tour

Cigna Medical Director Dr. Isaac Martinez discusses how the Cigna Health Improvement Tour sets out to improve health, well-being and peace of mind. This year, the tour is focusing not just on physical health, but emotional health as well. They have also added a mindfulness room to their Health Improvement Tour van. Since launching the Health Improvement Tour, there has been an 18% increase in annual check-ups among Cigna customers.

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DIY Spring Cake Toppers - Home & Family

DIY Spring Cake Toppers

Maria Provenzano is showing you how to make your own colorful spring cake toppers out of clay. When it comes to making the rainbow cake toppers, use the lighter colors first because the red clay will stain your hands. She recommends using a covered surface so the clay does not stain your countertops. This is also a good DIY to let the kids help out on, too! Finally, save money by re-using these cake toppers when you are done.

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