Floral expert Amy Marella is giving you professional tips on how to care for your spring bloom.


  • For soft hydrangeas, submerge in water for 2 hours then place in water right side up for approx. 2 hours
  • To help with water flow, cut hydrangea stem at an angle. Dip in ½ inch alum spice and then place in water

Lilacs & Viburnum

  • Crack stem to allow water to more easily flow upwards. Crack with hands or hammer. Peel back wood layer.


  • Tulips grow approximately 2-3 inches once cut and placed in water. To prevent growth before arranging, place in dry cool place- like a refrigerator.
  • For droopy tulips, prick a pin at the base of the tulip bulb to release air that gets trapped.

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