Carlease Burke Interview

Actress and author Carlease Burke visits Home & Family to talk about her new NBC comedy, “Crowded,” which premieres Sunday, March 20th at 9:30/8:30c. On the show, she plays Stacey Keach’s wife. She jokes that she broke out in a sweat when it came to their first on-screen kiss. Carlease also opens up about how she studied pre-law, but that she knew after graduation that she really wanted to be in show business. She also shows Mark and Cristina how to hula hoop as a workout, an exercise that was inspired by Michelle Obama.

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Teppanyaki - Home & Family

Chef Mike Monzon Cooks

Roku Chef, Mike Monzon is showing Home & Family how to prepare “Teppanyaki,” which is a Japanese cuisine where food is cooked over a hot metal griddle. Mike is a third generation chef and his young son is already taking an interest in cooking, too. Mike prepares Roku’s signature dish, grilled wagyu beef and prawns, but you can always substitute wagyu beef with filet or kobe beef. If you don’t have an outdoor grill, he says you can use an iron skillet to prepare your dish as an alternative.

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DIY Mouse House Bedside Table - Home & Family

DIY Mouse House Bedside Table

Ken Wingard shows you how to make your very own decorative bedside table that would be a cute addition to any kid’s room. Carlease joins in the fun of setting up the table, including adding the toy mice. Ken encourages parents to join their kids with their imagination when building this. This entire DIY will cost you only $70!

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Fashion Saves - Home & Family

Fashion Tip Face Off

Lawrence Zarian and Debbie Matenopoulos face off against each other to provide you with some helpful tips during fashion emergencies. Debbie suggests using a ribbon and safety pin to zip up the back of your dress, while Ken uses a method called the “master roll” to appropriate fold up a long sleeve. Finally, Debbie suggest using a broach on back of your shirt to achieve a tighter fit in your shirt and using double-sided tape as a temporary pant hem.

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Jason Thompson Interview

The handsome actor talks to Mark and Cristina about his new role as Billy Abbot on “The Young & the Restless.” Jason is the 12th actor to play the character. It took awhile before Jason even had any speaking lines as Billy, since his character was in a coma. He also shares the story of getting married to his wife Paloma in Mexico and the two celebrate their first year anniversary in April. He shares the news that the two are expecting their first child!

DIY Embellished Camo Jacket - Home & Family

DIY Embellished Camo Jacket

Orly Shani was recently influenced by Valentino’s latest creation, camo jackets, that start at $2,000. She realized she could make her own jacket with iron on patches and the total cost would be only $60. When adding the patchwork to the camo jacket, iron on high for 30 seconds for until the glue has melted. Orly suggests going to Amazon for your patches so you can purchase in bulk.

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Meet Rickie Roo

Laura Nativo is joined by trainer Deborah Harpur, who introduces Home & Family to her dog Rickie Roo, a Westminster underdog! Rickie Roo has no lens or depth perception and despite her disabilities, she has competed in Westminister agility for the last two years. Both Laura and Deborah agree that Rickie Roo is a prime example of what happens when you never give up on your pet. The little dog that could even demonstrates his agility talent for Mark and Cristina in the backyard.

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Mom Inventors

Sherri French and Carly Dorogi talk to Mark and Cristina talk about how to launch an idea and turning it into an actual product. First things first, they suggest taking your idea to a total stranger because that is when you will get full honesty. The most important thing when it comes to inventing is networking because that is the way you will learn how to market your idea. Remember, no business model is perfect and mistakes will be made but you just overcome those mistakes in order to grow.

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Gut Health - Home & Family

Gut Health

Sophie Uliano informs you on the importance of gut health, especially since 70 million Americans battle digestion issues on a daily basis. Sophie provides a list of digestion tips. She tells you to sit down at every meal, drink warm water with lemon before a meal, smell your food before you eat it and chew each at least 30 times before actually swelling it.

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