Wednesday, June 15th, 2016

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Heather Tom Interview

Heather talks about what it has been like playing the role of Katie Hogan on “The Bold and Beautiful,” a character that has ups and downs with her battles with depression and alcoholism. Heather has ventured into directing, as well, and credits it to helping her become a better actress. It is a family affair on the soap, as Heather talks about what is like having her real life son, Zane playing her son on-screen.

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Beach Babe Essentials

Kym Douglas is introducing you to a lot of fun products that will make your beach days even better! From a surfboard shower to funky beach hats, Kym has you covered!

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Skinny Sloppy Joes - Home & Family

Skinny Sloppy Joes

Author of “Lose Weight By Eating,” Audrey Johns is in the kitchen with Debbie whipping up a healthier version of sloppy joes. Audrey reveals that her sloppy joes are only 246 calories a serving and packed with vegetables, including shredded carrots, which add to the sweetness. The best part about this dish is that children will love it, too.

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DIY Angel Wings - Home & Family

DIY Angel Wings

Orly Shani is celebrating baby by showing you how to make baby angel wings. The wings are detachable and are perfect for any photo op. Orly explains that this DIY is very simple to actually make and the total cost is only five dollars.

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Toddler Sleep Solutions - Home & Family

Toddler Sleep Solutions

Kristin Smith turns to Dr. JJ to talk about her son, Kingston’s erratic sleeping at night. Kristin even shows the doctor a video of her son’s 2:30am wake-up calls on the baby monitor. Dr. JJ recommends letting your child nap everyday and to not keep them stay up late. She also suggests starting dinner early and communicate with your toddler that they will be going to bed for the whole night and don’t give into their wishes.

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Peter Cambor Interview

The actor sits down with Debbie and Mark to talk about his new role on the upcoming Showtime series, “Roadies,” which premieres June 26th at 10/9c. Peter’s character Milo is eccentric and a self-described genius. Peter even brings a hilarious sneak peek from the premiere for Home & Family to watch. Aside from acting, Peter also enjoys cooking and discusses making his own pasta from scratch.

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DIY Boho Tabletop - Home & Family

DIY Boho Tabletop

The creative director of Hallmark Cards, Angela Ensminger stops by to talk about how to create the perfect boho wedding tabletop. Angela knows about the boho style because that is how she describes her own wedding to her husband 12 years ago. She recommends using a mixture of rustic materials and fabrics in the table setting to give off a boho feel. A lot of these items can be found at your local Hallmark Gold Crown Store. Finally, Angela also suggest guests add rustic elements to their attire to go along with the boho-themed wedding.

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Healthy Breakfast Alternatives - Home & Family

Evolution of a Healthy Breakfast

Sophie Uliano is back in the kitchen discussing how breakfasts has changed throughout the decades. Explaining that in the 50’s, a lot of breakfast foods contained high calories and fat. The breakfasts in the 70’s contained a lot of artificial colors, GMOs and sugars. But today, Sophie hopes to modernize today’s breakfast by adding more vitamins and proteins. Today she is making an egg-white omelet packed with vegetables and blending up a green smoothie with extra iron, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and iron.

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Ask the Doctor

The doctor is in to answer some Home & Family questions.