Wednesday, July 4th, 2018

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Patriotic Cheesecake Oreo Stars - Home & Family

Red, White and Blue Cheesecake Oreo Bars

Food and lifestyle expert Brandi Milloy joins Debbie in the kitchen to make her patriotic treat: red, white and blue cheesecake Oreo bars. Before getting started, make sure your cream cheese is room temperature to make it easier to mix. For a more vibrant cheesecake bar, use gel food coloring instead of regular food coloring.

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DIY Capitol Flag Display - Home & Family

Capitol Flag Display

Ken Wingard is getting into the 4th of July spirit by building the perfect case to display your American flag. The idea originally came from a viewer, who informed Ken about the Capitol Flag Program, which allows people to write their local politician to request their own American flag, along with a certified certificate.

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Tim Atwood

Country music star Tim Atwood takes to the Home & Family stage to perform his patriotic song, “I’ll Stand Up and Say So.”

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DIY Patriotic Beach Chairs

Orly Shani is updating your beach chairs with this DIY. She describes this as the perfect project for those wanting to learn how to sew, since all the lines are straight and uncomplicated. You can also follow the instructions to make these chairs festive for any upcoming holiday, not just 4th of July. Make sure this the fabric is not stretch and also weather-proof.

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The Perfect All-American Burger

Executive chef of The Arthur J restaurant, Danny Waked is outside grilling up some all-American burgers. The patties should only be flipped once and grilled for about three minutes on each side, with a half of inch thickness. If you increase the thickness, increase the amount of grilling. When done, let the burger rest and then add the cheese. He also shows you how to perfectly grill the onions and roma tomatoes.

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Craig Grossi and Fred the Dog

Larissa Wohl is joined by author Craig Grossi and his dog, Fred to talk about his book, “Craig & Fred.” Craig was a Marine in Afghanistan and found Craig and shares the story of survival, love and friendship. He also explains that as a Marine overseas, soldiers are taught to not befriend stray dogs for safety concerns, but Fred was determine to always be by his side. Craig credits Fred for helping him with his mental stability, when the two returned to America after Craig’s tour.

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DIY Baseball Flag Decor

Paige Hemmis is taking baseball bats and balls that have been halved and turning them into a work of patriotic art. When it comes to halving baseball balls, use rubber ones because they are easier to slice. You can find bats that have been halved on Etsy or eBay by searching “half-cut bats.” When you are done, hang the artwork using a french cleat.

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Red, White and Blue Fashions

Lawrence Zarian is hosting a fashion show introducing you to the hottest 4th of July fashions for any occasion. From summer vibes to party vibes, Lawrence has you covered!

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Last-Minute 4th of July Decor

Maria Provenzano and Ken Wingard team up to bring you some fun DIY 4th of July decorating ideas. From colorful table settings to comfortable seat pillows, you will be all set for your big holiday BBQ.

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Smashed Fried Okra with Spicy Yogurt Dipping Sauce - Home & Family

Summer Squash with Fried Okra

Author of “Secrets of the Southern Table,” Virginia Willis is in the kitchen making summer squash and fried okra. She jokes that she should call herself the patron saint of okra since she loves it so much. Frying okra will help reduce the slimy texture that it usually has. To enhance this dish’s flavor, add toasted grains, flours and spices to the recipe.

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