Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019

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Cat Cora Burgers - Home & Family

Owner of “Mesa Burger” Cat Cora shows you how to make a juicy and delicious burger. While preparing the burgers, Cora also discusses her competition show “Family Food Fight,” which airs Thursday nights at 9pm/8c on ABC.

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DIY Patriotic Paddle Tags - Home & Family

Patriotic Paddle Tags
Ken Wingard shows you a new way to display your patriotism with some vintage style Americana décor. Ken recommends dry brushing, as it allows the paint to look uneven and streaked which adds to a vintage look.

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Heather Avis
Author Heather Avis stops by to discuss her new book, “Scoot Over and Make Some Room.” Her book focuses on the inclusion of others with what she terms as different abilities.

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Multi-Flavor Sheet Pan Cookies - Home & Family

Multi-Flavor Sheet Pan Cookies
Debbie and Cameron make the ultimate cure for that sweet tooth craving with sheet pan cookies. This is a simple and easy recipe to do with your kids.

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Viewer Mail
Debbie answers viewer mail about getting toned arms. Larissa gives some tips on getting your cat to drink from their water bowl. Kym answers a question about which foundation to use for women aged 40+. Finally, Paige provides tips for last minute 4th of July party gifts to bring the hostess.

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Ultimate Beach Day Products
Kym Douglas shows you some products that will help you seize the day at the beach. Products she introduces include a safe you can attach to your beach chair, a mesh bag tote with a cooler at the bottom, and a portable picnic table.


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Cat Cora Skewers - Home & Family

Cat Cora heads back to the kitchen with Debbie to make scrumptious skewers that will elevate your summer food game. Due to the mix either being spicy or salty, Cat recommends tasting your Bloody Mary mix before adding extra spice or salt.

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DIY Living Roof Dog House - Home & Family

DIY Living Roof Dog House
Paige Hemmis shows you how to keep your dog’s house a little cooler for the summer. Paige recommends using roofing felt to create a waterproof base for the roof.

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Courtney Hope
Actress Courtney Hope stops by to talk about her role on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” She also discusses being a fan of soap operas growing up and meeting fans all over the world.

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DIY Fringe Earrings
Orly Shani shows you how to make this season’s trendiest earrings for a fraction of the cost you would find them in retail stores. These earrings are easy to customize for any holiday or event using the same pair of hoops.

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