Miriam Shor Interview

The actress visits Home & Family and opens up about the return of her TV Land series, “Younger” and her role as Diana Trout, a character that often gets compared to Meryl Streep’s in “Devil Wears Prada.” She jokes that any time someone wants to compare her to work to Meryl’s, she is totally fine with it. Miriam admits that age has been a factor in her own career and she once lost a role when the casting director learned her true age.

Chef Devin Alexander Cooks - Home & Family

Dan Dan Mian

Chef Devin Alexander is in the kitchen shipping up a healthier version of Dan Dan Mian, that saves you 50% of the calories and 75% of the sodium that you would find in the traditional Chinese dish. Devin has lost 70 pounds and explains her secret, cutting 300 calories a day out of her diet. After preparing her Dan Dan Mian, she follows it with a recipe for her Devinly Mudd Pie.

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Golden Globe Predictions

Debbie Matenopoulos stops by to talk about what you can expect at this Sunday’s Golden Globes awards show.

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DIY Hip Pack - Home & Family

DIY Hip Packs

Orly Shani is back to show you how to make your very own “hip pack.” Mark still can’t believe these are back in fashion and Orly says these packs were one of the biggest accessories at this year’s New York Fashion Week. If you were to buy your own hip pack at a high-end retail store, it can cost you up to $300, but when you make your own using Orly’s instructions, it will cost you as little as $10!

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Zackary Arthur Interview

The pint-sized actor sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about his upcoming film, “The 5th Wave,” based on the best-selling novel. He talks about his character and says it was Henry Thomas’ performance in “E.T.” that inspired him, especially after watching Henry’s audition tape for the movie. He even brings a thrilling preview for Home & Family to watch. The movie opens nation-wide on January 22nd.

Latest Trends in Dermatology

Dr. Will Kirby is here to talk about the latest 2016 trends to look out for when it comes to dermatology. From laser treatments that prevent visible signs of aging and chemical peels that change the surface of the skin, the dermatologist introduces you to the latest developments. After his interview, Will answers questions that family members have about different procedures.

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DIY Seed Mats - Home & Family

Homemade Seed Mats

Shirley Bovshow shows you how to make your very own seed mats, which will save you time with planting. She recommends using color-coated seeds to help make it easier for gardening. When you make your seed mat, lay it on prepared soil to ensure your plants will grow. When it comes to space, always follow the directions on your seed packets as you plant.

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New Year's Good Luck Foods - Home & Family

Lucky Foods in the New Year

Dan Kohler is back in the kitchen preparing some lucky dishes for the New Year. He explains that Collards for Dollars are stewed collared greens that supposedly bring wealth in the New Year. He then introduces the dish Silverly Herring that is supposed to bring economic prosperity, according to Polish tradition. Finally, he points out in Germany that pigs are good luck in the animal kingdom and creates edible pig-shaped food out of homemade Marzipan.

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DIY Doggie Silhouette Pillow - Home & Family

DIY Doggie Silhouette Pillow

Ken Wingard adds a little flair to your room by showing you how to make a silhouette pillow. It is so easy to make because it doesn’t involve sewing and makes for a great DIY project you can do with your kids! Retail will cost you $50-$70, but if you make your own using Ken’s instructions it will cost you as still as $2-$15!

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