Dynasty star Linda Evans - Home & Family

Linda Evans Interview
Actress and author Linda Evans visits Home & Family to talk about her experiences as an actress. She played Krystle in the epic television series “Dynasty” opposite Joan Collins as Alexis. The actress says she loved getting “down and dirty” on the show and she shares a clip of the two actresses in a fight, getting a good fountain soaking! She talks about Barbara Stanwyck doing her own stunts in Big Valley, and participating as well while playing the role of her daughter. Linda and Joan reunited on the stage for a play entitled “Legends.” In her personal life, Linda has close friendships with her ex-husbands other wives, Bo Derek and Ursula Andress. Next, Linda joins Cristina in the kitchen to make Artichoke Dip from her cookbook “Recipes for Life.” They dish more about Dynasty and then whip up the delicious recipe. The family members love it!

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Paige Hemmis’ DIY Feather Lamp - Home & Family

Paige’s DIY Feather Pendant Lamp
Paige has a glamorous new DIY featuring lots of craft supplies you may already
own! You can purchase a pendant light at your local hardware store, and feathers
at your local craft store. A similar lamp can cost up to $1,600 but Paige’s version
can cost as little as $150.

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Aja Naomi King Interview
Actress Aja Naomi King visits to talk about “How to Get Away with Murder” which airs Thursday nights at 10/9c on ABC. She talks about the premise of the show, and about her character Michaela. She shares a clip from the show, and talks about the dynamic between her character and Viola Davis’ character.  She is a huge fan of Viola’s and is still so thrilled to have the opportunity to learn from the seasoned actress. Aja shares that she once worked on the Indiana Jones Adventure ride at Disneyland and fondly recalls parents trying to sneak in their small children! Mark and Cristina present Aja with a whip reminiscent of Indiana Jones and Aja is thrilled. Don’t miss new episodes of “How to Get Away with Murder” on Thursdays.

Flaming Mango Foster Dessert
Dan Kohler is in the kitchen with an exciting dessert recipe! He explains that the reason many flaming dessert have such incredible flavor is because they use ignited alcohol. He stresses safety tips for making this type of recipe, which includes wearing safety goggles, long handled matches and a heavy pot lid nearby. He also emphasizes to choose alcohol in the 80 proof range.

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Obsessed or Hot Mess?
Debbie plays a fun game with the family members to decide which of these celebrity looks makes the grade - or not!

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Tanya Memme’s DIY Monogramed Photo Art - Home & Family

DIY Monogrammed Photo Art
Tanya Memme has an innovative way to use a lot of child and baby photos you may have on hand. She demonstrates how to get handy with balsa wood, photos and Mod Podge to create a fun and festive picture display. The key is to arrange the photos first and then glue!

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Waist Training
Mommy blogger Kristin Smith is on the show to talk about the trending topic of Waist Trainers. This is a modern-day corset that “molds” the body. Kristin explains how it works, and that celebrities like Amber Rose and the Kardashians have been photographed wearing them. The family members debate the health risks and benefits!

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Sophie’s Fix for Frizzy Hair - Home & Family

Sophie Uliano’s DIY Hair Oil
Sophie’s latest DIY was inspired by her daughter Lola who wanted to buy Moroccan oil to help tame her hair. Sophie decided to make her own formula without lots of unnecessary ingredients and for a fraction of the price. This oil works well for taming frizzy hair because it contains high amounts of oleic acid. Next, Sophie demonstrates a Coconut Oil Hair Mask to help moisturize dry hair.

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