“Girl Meets World” Interview
Mark and Cristina sit down with pint-sized actor August Maturo from the Disney Channel series, “Girl Meets World” and his mother, Maha. Maha also opens up about August’s food allergies and wants to bring awareness to other parents to talk to their doctors and find action plans for when their child comes down with an allergy attack. Maha is also the EpiPen spokesperson. The pen is an injection that kids should take when an attack takes place. Later, big science fan August is joined by his younger brother Ocean and they make their own slime!
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S'Moracha Doughnuts and More! - Home & Family

Chef Mariah Swan is in the Kitchen
The chef and partner at ICDC joins Cristina in the kitchen to whip S’Moracha Doughnuts and TCHO Chocolate Sorbet Milkshakes. Mariah likes having fun with her ingredients, which is how she comes up with such unusual combinations like Sriracha and marshmallows!

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Robert Taylor Interview
Actor Robert Taylor joins Mark and Cristina to talk about the new season of “Longmire,” which is currently streaming on Netflix. He brings a clip from the season four opener for Home & Family to watch. Aside from acting, Robert has also worked in Australian mines and oil rigs. Also, each Christmas he plays Santa at the community garden in Melbourne, Australia.

How to Wear Pants For Your Body
Debbie Matenopoulos teams up with Sam Saboura of TLC’s “Something Borrowed, Something New” to show you how to wear the proper pants for your body. Wide-legged pants are great for tall women, high-waisted pants work for women with a muffin top and bell bottoms work for women who want to make their thighs appear thinner. When it comes to men, they should wear more fitted jeans if they have a flat backside. If men are a little shorter, make sure your pants have clean lines without pleats.

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The Science of Fermented Coffee - Home & Famliy

The Science of Fermented Coffee
Dan Kohler is back in the kitchen and joined by Synthetic Biologist Camille Delebecque to talk about the science behind fermented coffee. Both men explain that fermented coffee manipulates the flavor without adding the artificial ingredients. Camille’s job is to break down what makes each bean so flavorful.

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Do It Yourself Entry Bench - Home & Family

DIY Entry Bench
Paige Hemmis is in the garage and ready to make her own entry bench, with the help of August Maturo. Using an old door as the back of the bench saves you from creating unwanted holes in your walls. Paige also advises that if you purchase the wood on Craig’s List, you can find it cheaper and it will appear more rustic-looking.

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Dr. JJ Talks OxyContin - Home & Family

OxyContin for Kids
Dr. JJ visits Home & Family to discuss the treating of kids with OxyContin. She goes into a full list of details that every parent must know before thinking of treating their child with the pain medication.

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Drying Herbs 101 - Home & Family

How to Dry Herbs
Shirley Bovshow is in the backyard and ready to explain to you how to dry herbs. She breaks down various herbs that are great to dry and what flavors each one brings to a recipe.

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