Shirley Bovshow breaks down the various herbs you can dry at home!

These plants can grow in containers throughout the country and overwintered indoors in cold areas.

1. Tuscan Blue Rosemary - is the favorite of many chefs, because upright of form and broader leaves contain more aromatic oil, GROWS TO 6 FEET

2. BBQ Rosemary - Strong, straight stems make perfect barbecue skewers! Fast growing, upright shrub with profuse, clear blue flowers

3. Emerald Waves Bay Leaves - Wavy edged, emerald green leaves on a new, robust variety of sweet bay.  Slender, upright form grows slowly to a 12-ft pyramidal tree. 


For Bay Leaves

1) Cut 4-6"-inch Bay Leaf stem and remove individual leaves from stem. 

2) Lay on a paper towel on cookie sheet without overlapping and set in warm, dry well ventilated room with no direct sun. 

3) Dry for 2 weeks and keep in glass jars for up to 1 year.

For Rosemary

1) Bundle small sprigs of rosemary together and cover with paper bag with holes in it for air circulation.

2) Hang in a warm, dry room for approximately 2 weeks until needles are dry

3) Remove needles from sprig and store in glass jars in dry, dark place

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