Camila Banus Interview

Fresh off her Daytime Emmy-nomination, “Days of our Lives” star Camila Banus sits down with Mark and Cristina about the big event. Camila also opens up about her character Gabi who is going to prison on the soap opera for killing her ex-husband. In real life, Camila loves Zumba as a workout and even teaches Home & Family how to do the exercise on the stage.

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Taste of Home Dessert - Home & Family

Taste of Home

Cristina and Mark are joined by Cathy Branciaroli via Skype to make her Taste of Home recipe for Strawberries & Cream Torte. Cathy says she came across the recipe when her own mom would make it in the 60’s. She says the eggs should be room temperature and the cream needs to be super-cold to make the cream fluffier.

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DIY Floral Name Letters

In the spirit of celebrating babies, Ken Wingard is making do it yourself Floral Name Letters that will look great in any baby’s nursery. Ken says you can do the name letters in any colors, depending on the flowers.

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Ross Mathews Interview

TV Personality and Host Ross Mathews chats about his podcast, Straight Talk with Ross. He explains that he first got into podcasts because the pressure is off and it doesn’t cost anything! In this format he is free to discuss whatever he wants which is very appealing. Ross always makes sure his guests eat junk food and drink wine while being interviewed.

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Kym Douglas' Advice - Home & Family

Kym Douglas’s Advice

Kym Douglas has a Lazy Girls’ Guide to Cleaning. Her tips include how to cut down on dishes, an easier way to clean up spills and the fastest way to wash your blender.

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Lawrence Zarian's Fashion Tips - Home & Family

Summer Hot List

Lawrence Zarian is back to talk about the Summer Hot List. He points out that color, patterns and polo shirts are trending big for the upcoming sunny season. He also points out that women should wear daring bright lipstick and nail polish to celebrate summer.

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Mark Steines' Photo Do It Yourself - Home & Family

Mark’s Photo DIY

Mark shows you how you can easily turn a vintage old window frame into a stunning photo frame for your beautiful pictures. He also shows you how to clean up window frame and measure out the photos so they fit perfectly.

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White Meat vs. Dark Meat - Home & Family

White Meat vs. Dark Meat

Dan Kohler is back in the Home & Family kitchen to discuss white meat and dark meat. He explains that white meat comes from fast-twitched muscles which would explain why rabbits have so much white meat. Slow-twitched muscle creates dark meat, which would explain why cattle, pork, lamb and goat have more. Chickens are a mix of both.

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The Importance of Gut Health

Sophie Uliano talks about the importance of maintaining a healthy gut. After all, a healthy gut can affect your mood, memory and immune system. She recommends having a diet rich in fiber, citrus and probiotics to keep your gut healthy. Meanwhile bloating, cramping and pain can all be linked to something not right with your gut and you should always check with your doctor if the problem continues.

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Ask Dr. JJ

Dr. JJ takes to social media to answer some viewer questions. When it comes to breaking a child from thumb sucking, Dr. JJ says you should have your kid be more aware of them sucking their thumbs and to provide them different coping mechanisms for self-soothing, also praise the child for not sucking their thumb. When it comes to home remedies  for colic, Dr. JJ says you need to get a diagnosis of colic first, from your doctor. Dr. JJ says a parent being close their child helps with colic and white noise can help soothe them.

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