The Lazy Girls' Guide to Cleaning

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Pour milk directly into individual cereal bags for a no clean up breakfast or snack

There is nothing worse than having to wash a pile of dishes especially when you are rushing out the door for work or to take the kids to school and I’ve found a way to eliminate it with so many of your favorite foods. Take for example, cereal- Why bother getting a bowl dirty and having to wash it when you can just use the package it comes in? All you do is take the packaging, and pour the milk right in, add a spoon and you’ve got yourself a great breakfast – no clean up necessary! The same thing goes for the late night munchies- you don’t want to have to do dishes late at night and now you don’t have to! Just take your cookies when the sweet tooth strikes and you can poor the milk RIGHT into the carton and you’ve got yourself a self-cleaning milk and cookies station!

Line the shelves in your fridge with press & seal wrap for an easy way to clean up spills

Is there anything worse than when you spill something in the fridge? It is SUCH a pain. Take a look at what I did earlier- see here you have the original clean up. It’s time consuming It’s messy and it’s really just a pain. But now take a look this easy thing you can do. Just take some Press and Seal food wrapper onto the shelves in your fridge and this way when something spills it’s so easy to clean up! You just gather it up and throw it away! Easy breezy!

Blend warm water and dish soap in your blender for a fast way to clean it

When I did Sophie’s program she had me making these smoothies every day and while they were delicious, cleaning out your blender is a giant pain. You’ve got to scrub all the way down into the nooks and crevices and your arm gets wet and it makes the whole experience not so enjoyable. But not anymore! All you do after you pour out the smoothie is fill the blender with some water and some dish soap and turn on your blender for 30 seconds and then dump it out and your blender is clean!!!

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