Mark Steines shows you how.


  • Old window
  • Sand paper
  • Paint scraper
  • Wire brush or Brillo pad
  • Windex & rag
  • Masking tape
  • Art knife
  • Matte board
  • Ruler & pencil
  • Polyurethene sealer
  • Paint brush
  • Picture hanging hardware

Tip: Copy stores can make oversized prints quickly


Tip: If you can print to fit one pane, you can crop and print each one yourself


Tip: Measure twice, cut once. cut matte backings to fit panes


Tip: Use mattes to trace faint cut-lines on your print


Tip: Home and family diy photo window from $10 - $75


1.     Choose window

2.     Measure the overall window area

3.     Size photo to fit and send out for print

4.     Scrape away rough paint

5.     Roughly sand overall

6.     Clean windows with glass cleaner

7.     Brush on clear polyurethene sealer

8.     Let dry

9.     Measure your print
(Tip: Use matte boards to trace cut lines on print)

10. Insert print into window and press matte board snugly behind

11. Tape, staple or nail board in place

12. Affix picture hanging hardware & hang

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