Tuesday, September 24th, 2019

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Fiesta Fish Tacos - Home & Family

Fiesta Fish Tacos
In honor of Taco Tuesday Chef and Wellness Expert Charles Chen has a festive and colorful taco recipe featuring fresh fish! This dish starts with a flavorful marinade that features a fermented red chili paste, lemon juice, avocado oil and pink salt which is higher in mineral content than regular table salt. For the fish Charles recommends a white fish like tilapia or cod. These tacos also feature a crispy slaw and a tortilla made from almond flour.

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Fabric Letter Art - Home & Family

Fabric Letter Art
Orly Shani is thinking outside the box with today’s DIY! The key to this how-to are styrofoam letter shapes that you can buy either online or at a craft store. Make sure they are 3 dimensional. This craft also requires spray adhesive, batting and fabric. Adding trim gives the letter a border and allows the fabric to pop.

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Hayley Orrantia Interview
Actress Hayley Orrantia joins Debbie and Ali to talk about “The Goldbergs.” The season 7 premiere of the show plays off of 80's themes, and pays homage to the National Lampoon movie, “Vacation.” The episode even included cameos from Christie Brinkley and Anthony Michael Hall. Hayley’s character Erica is mostly focused on her relationship with her boyfriend Jeff, and Hayley shares a funny clip with the audience. The actress also talks about her love of Disneyland! Check your local listings for “The Goldbergs.”

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Kym Investigates: Do They Really Work? - Home & Family

Kym Investigates: Do They Really Work?
Detective Kym Douglas is taking a closer look at some beauty products to find out if they are truly effective. Kym tries to stay away from chemicals in her products and so she loved the Beet Tan and the natural looking tanned color it gave her skin. Next she tested out the Igrow Hair Growth System and the verdict is not yet in! Finally Kym tries a lip plumper and she and Debbie agree that it makes a difference.

  1. Beet Tan,
  2. Igrow Hair Growth System,
  3. Spencer Barnes LA Lip Plumper, $42,

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Bob and Maria Goff Interview
International humanitarians and husband and wife duo Bob and Maria Goff talk about their relationship and offer sage advice about keeping love alive! Maria describes their first date out rock climbing and about how quickly they learned to trust each other. Bob shares a story from his book “Love Does” and encourages people to love without an agenda, and to let it be contagious. Maria shares a story from her book “Love Lives here” about the loss of her dream lodge, and how years later this important family location has been rebuilt.

For more visit: and @SweetMariaGoff

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Brussels Sprout & Leek Quiche - Home & Family

Brussel Sprouts and Leek Quiche
Waylynn Lucas, Pastry Chef and author of “Sunny-Side Up” joins Home & Family to prepare a light and nutrient rich quiche. This perfect, bake ahead meal features fall vegetables. Waylynn loves eggs and has written a cookbook where they are the star! One tip is to cook the brussel sprouts for 8 minutes before adding the leeks which require much less time to saute’.

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DIY Recycled Organizers
Ali Manno shows you a clever way to upcycle empty grocery boxes! This lightweight supply organizer was inspired by Ali’s daughter Molly who has lots of art supplies on the kitchen counters. One tip is to buy the larger/family size boxes for cereal which will work better than smaller boxes.

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Ryan Guzman Interview
Actor Ryan Guzman joins the show to talk about becoming a new dad and how being a parent has really changed his life, making him want to be a better example for his son. Ryan also discusses his experiences as an MMA fighter for the past 24 years and talks about the new season of "9-1-1" where he plays Eddie Diaz. He discusses an upcoming storyline where a tsunami hits Santa Monica! You can catch new episodes of “9-1-1” on FOX.

You can follow Ryan @RyanAGuzman

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Metal Pumpkin Luminaries - Home & Family

DIY Bountiful Harvest Tablescape
Paige Hemmis is setting the table for a beautiful fall dinner experience! She loves to bring the outdoors in, and in this design she brought in some wheat, pinecones and other natural elements. All of the serving items are by Hallmark and most are designed by a celebrated Hallmark artist, Marjolein Bastin. Items include an elegant ceramic serving platter, and salt and pepper shakers. Next Paige shows off a DIY pumpkin craft that is constructed of tooling foil which is thin and easy to work with for crafting.

Get the Full Instructions for Paige's Metal Pumpkin Luminaries

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Adoption Ever After - Perry - Home & Family

Adoption Ever After
Today Larissa and Hayley introduces Perry a lap-loving Jack Russell Terrier who is between 8 and 9 years old and is currently in Santa Barbara, California! For more information about Perry please visit Next up is Billy the Kid who is currently in Upland, California and is being cared for by the Baloojas Foundation rescue. He is four years old and is a sweet and quiet animal who loves being held. He would be great with kids and adults of all ages. To get more info about Billy the Kid please check out Finally, Larissa has a wonderful Happy Tail to share! Lovely Nina was featured on the show several months ago and was seen by Kitty Shields in Montana. After wanting to adopt a dog for years, Kitty felt an instant connection when she saw Nina on Home & Family and gave her the forever home this sweet dog was needing.