Tuesday, September 17th, 2019

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Plum and Blackberry Crostata - Home & Family

Plum and Blackberry Crostata
Lifestyle expert and host of “Reel Food” Chadwick Boyd joins Home & Family to prepare a rustic, seasonal dessert featuring red and black plums! This “peasant pie” is easy and casual and features black pepper and rosemary. Chadwick is a judge on the new Hallmark Drama show, “Christmas Cookie Matchup” which pairs up real-life bakers with Hallmark stars! Finally, he shares a clip from the show and talks about how much he has enjoyed being a part of it.

“Christmas Cookie Matchup” premieres Wednesday, November 20 on Hallmark Drama! Find out More >>

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DIY Beaded Fabric Necklace
Fashion expert Orly Shani is on the show to demonstrate steps to make beautiful fabric necklaces! You can upcycle some of your favorite fabrics into these unique pieces. This is a simple and great DIY for beginners and utilizes fabric, felt balls, scissors and a sewing machine.

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Eileen Davidson and Vince Van Patten
Husband and wife duo Eileen Davidson and Vince Van Patten join Debbie and Larissa to talk about their new movie, “7 Days to Vegas.” The two have been married for sixteen years, and actually play a married couple as well in the movie! Vince talks about his relationship with his actor father, Dick Van Patten who actually taught him how to play poker at the tender age of 8. They share a clip from the movie which is a combination of real and fictional events. “7 Days to Vegas” will be in theaters beginning Friday, September 20th.

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Seaweed Beauty Secrets - Home & Family

Seaweed Beauty Secrets
Kym Douglas is on hand to show off the beauty benefits of seaweed and how it can help your skin to stay hydrated! Seaweed contains Niacin, Vitamin A and Vitamin C which is known for brightening the skin. Kym shows you how to dip a Nori sheet right into a cup of green tea and apply it to your face! A seaweed mask can help reverse sun damage. For hair, you can use a shampoo and conditioner with seaweed to help repair hair from heat from styling tools as well as the sun. Finally, Kym shows off seaweed powder that you can turn into a nourishing body wrap!

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Social Media and Happiness - Home & Family

Social Media and Happiness
Dr. Vania Manipod stops by the show to talk about how to create meaningful connections in the digital age, and about the effects of social media on everyday happiness. Written notes and cards help reinforce human connection which benefits mental health. Meaningful human connections can improve health and decrease blood pressure. To create a healthy balance, set boundaries and monitor social media usage. Good ways to connect include inviting someone to lunch, going for a walk with a neighbor, and making phone calls to love ones instead of just using text communications. Parents should model good behavior when it comes to phone usage.

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Summer Slow-Down Ratatouille - Home & Family

Summer Slow-Down Ratatouille
Chef, host and author of “Tasting Grace” Melissa D’Arabian shows you how to make the most of summer veggies with this hearty and tasty dish! Larissa joins Melissa in the kitchen to learn how to make this nutrient packed dish. The big tip is to be sure to cook all of the produce separately in order to keep the integrity of the individual vegetables. Melissa also talks about her new book, “Tasting Grace” which explores themes of connection with food and she hopes it will help readers love food more deeply and more richly.

Get the recipe for the Ratatouille >>

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DIY Game Day Snack Stand - Home & Family

DIY Game Day Snack Stand

Maria Provenzano shares a cute and clever way to display your snacks during sports season. This DIY is a “party on a table” and all of the materials can be found at your local craft store. The tray is constructed with balsa wood to create bleachers, foam core to create the seating and paint sticks for a picket fence!

Get the Instructions for the DIY Game Day Snack Stand >>

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Jerrad Lopes
Podcast host and Author of “Dad Tired & Loving it” Jerrad Lopes joins the show to talk about his new book! Jerrad points out that the primary job for dads during their day is just the beginning, and that the real important work begins after they get home. There are even government-led initiatives to push father involvement in children’s lives. Studies show families with dads do better overall, and flourish when fathers participate. He encourages dads everywhere to show their wives they love them by opening their hearts. Jared also stresses the importance of being a positive role model for kids.

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Leggings Fashion
Lifestyle expert Lawrence Zarian shows off how to wear leggings anywhere!
To start, choose a pair of leggings that can create the same look as a pair of pants. Leggings create the illusion of more height and a longer silhouette. You can add leggings to any summer dress to add warmth and coverage. You can build height with layering a black miniskirt over black leggings. Try pairing a long t-shirt dress with black leggings and a pair of black mary janes for an elegant and comfortable look.

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Adoption Ever After - Mistletoe - Home & Family

Adoption Ever After
Today, Debbie and Larissa are introducing 7 year old Lux who is a Stafford mix! This “Real Velveteen Puppy” was the inspiration for a book written by a shelter volunteer. He loves to meet people and to be tucked into bed. Lux has been in the shelter system for some time, but is lovable and sweet and ready for his forever home.

For more information about Lux please visit:

Also meet Mistletoe the kitten! He is 5 months old and is currently available through Kitten Rescue LA.

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